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Strange Day...

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well today has been one of those days....have got a low level bug of some sort, so am feeling a little under the weather (more tired than anything else) so after lying in bed till my bladder could stand it no more (any girl who's ever had a sprog knows exactly what I mean), I got up and pootled about for a little doing not very much.Then at lunchtime had to go and see midwife (all is well....and she doesn't want to see me again for another three weeks, which is great).Then came home to find a call from my mate Hels, who is over in Britain ready to compete in the Round Britain yacht race (same boats as the global challenge race). She's coming tomorrow which will be great, as I've known her since I was 18 and we get on so well...The sad news is that part of the reason she is over is that her very good friend has just been diagnosed with human variant CJD and is not expected to live very long....Such terrible news...you read this stuff on the news and it never quite touches you, and then 'Wham' there it is.....someone you know has it.Life and death, eh? :blink:

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glad everything is going swimmingly with mini-roo :)

But sorry to hear about your friend. One of my friends cousins had it around 5 years ago (I had only met him a couple of times) such a shame - and so young. Its a tragic thing for the living family to watch especially to someone who was otherwise fit and healthy.

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