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Naughty Kidney

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Had to go to see the Specialist again today. They scanned my kidney to see how much it was dilated. Thankfully it's not too bad today but they are concerned about the amount of pain I am in. I have to go to see him again in 3 weeks time but if the pain gets bad they want to admit me and maybe put a stent in :D The plus side is that I got a piccie of Mervin :D p.s. Hubbie reckons he's playing the Playstation :blink: :o gallery_46_66_599.jpg

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Awwww...lovely pic Katie :D

I'm missing not being able to see mini-roo anymore now that the scans are finished...

Glad to hear that the kidney appears to be OK, but I do hope they get to the bottom of your pain asap....

take it easy ducks :)

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Ahhh, nice pic of Mervin there Katie :)

Sorry to be dense, but what is a stent? Whatever it is with any luck they wont need to use it, and the pain soon subsides a bit for you.

Take it easy, petal and REST :)

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A stent is basically a little piece of plastic (like a section of straw) that they put inside veins or in my case, the uretha to keep it open :unsure:

They will only put one in as a last resort due to me being pregnant but it will help reduce the pain.

Thankfully my consultant is a lovely bloke. Infact he seems too young to be a consultant *thinks what is OON up to* :lol:

but I will have to see someone different when I move :(

My boss is back next week, so I am going to have to have words again about how serious this is and that I need to be cut a bit of slack <_<

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