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Course Choice, Discussions On N-w

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My modules for the course are mostly chosen now. It's shaping up to be a good one, with modules in Atmosphere and Ocean Dynamics, Coupled Ocean and Atmosphere Climate Change, Air Pollution, and Weather and Forecasting. Looks like there could potentially be a lot of scope for me to further 'refine' my ideas on issues such as climate change.On the discussions front, I may appear to be strong and opinionated to some at times, and my tendency to challenge accepted wisdom doesn't always go down well. I make no apologies for my challenging of accepted wisdom though- many things in society (especially stereotypes and double standards) are just accepted, often as unavoidable 'facts of life', where under any kind of scrutiny they just don't add up and it turns out that they are avoidable to some extent. Often when challenging them, rather than trying to change anyone's beliefs, I am just offering an alternative viewpoint to try to at least open some minds.On other discussions, I am more than willing to have my ideas, opinions and suggestions challenged via discussion and reasoned arguments. Particularly in areas such as environment, transport and social issues, there is often no clear 'right' or 'wrong' answer and differences of opinion are inevitable; also, sometimes my ideas and beliefs may be flawed and may require 'refining' upon input of ideas or offering of alternative angles from others. In general, I try to look at such issues from as many angles as possible and come up with all-round solutions that address the primary problems while minimising the resultant detrimental effects on any other parties, but that certainly doesn't mean that I will always be 'right'- nobody is perfect.On the other hand, I tend not to react well to situations where people react to my challenging their accepted wisdom by getting defensive and refuting my arguments with 'circular arguments' (this is true because this is true), 'proof by assumption' (this is true because we have always assumed it to be true) and arguments that make no sense (e.g. global temperatures fell by 0.2C between 1998 and 1999, therefore global temperatures fell by 0.2C between 1970 and 2005 kind of thing)Let the reasoned arguments and discussion continue!

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