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Leeds University

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So, I can now safely say that I'm officially an MRes student at Leeds doing Physics of the Earth and Atmosphere- after getting the 2:2 I thought there was no way I'd end up here, but nonetheless, it happened!The course encourages students to specialise in a particular area, including Geology, Geophysics, and Atmospheric Science/Meteorology. There can be no surprises for guessing which area I will be specialising in, with general choice of modules with large amounts of meteorological content.I don't know for definite how my time at Leeds University is going to be, but my first impressions have been quite favourable. The university is fairly compact, the lecturers etc. seem helpful, there are friendly people around, there is a lot to do in Leeds, the traffic isn't bad considering that it's a major city, and there aren't dense crowds of people everywhere.Surprisingly for a city based university, it may turn out to be every bit as good as Lancaster was for my needs- we'll have to see on that one though.On more up-to-date news, received "Freshers flu" this weekend with a terrible cold yesterday, that is currently in the process of fizzling out, so hopefully by midweek things will be fine again on that front. Have a lot of social events for postgraduates over the next few weeks too.

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Hi Ian, glad to hear you are settling in at your new Uni and have got to do the course you wanted :)

My sis moved into a house share in Lancaster last week ready for the new year at the Uni.

All the best in your new studies :)

Regards from Lancaster(well Morecambe, but close enough)


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You're in Leeds :D Cool B)

I think Leeds is an excellent university, compact but I got a really good feeling about the place (many years ago)

I hope it's everything you hope for ;)

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Well done Ian on getting onto your course. Leeds is an excellent uni, and I don't know about meteorology, but I know it's geology department is one of the best in the world, so I'm sure the rest must be very good too!

Enjoy freshers week (and make sure you get hold of a copy of Starter for Ten, by David Nicholls......the whole of uni life in a nutshell!!! :lol: :lol: )

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