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Snake !!!

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Went to York yesterday in a vain hope of finding some clothes that 1) fitted me 2) did not look totally molly.......failed miserably but bought some boots to go with my existing maternity trousers :blink: En route we slowed due to traffic in a place called Strensall, just outside of York. To my left was a vet's surgery and a bloke in his mid-twenties stood looking at his feet a short distance from the door. Being curious (nosey) I looked at his feet to see a 8 foot (at least) snake, which was as wide as one of my thighs in parts :D Not the usual thing you see in York :D Poor hubbie, having just got back from South Africa, he is now up in Durham for the weekend for his studies :D They say absence makes the heart fonder but this is getting a bit of a joke :o Today, me and little fella did a bit more shopping (I hate shopping by the way) then went to a indoor play centre. This is basically 2 hours of screaming children and me trying desparately to read a bit of the Sunday Times :D Little fella loves it though !Made yet another Chocolate tart tonight - has anyone else made it yet ? Going to make Peach Cake tomorrow (don't like peaches but this is yummy :D )

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:D Hiya Katie...

Good to hear about the house...we've finally settled into ours and done almost everything........for now! :D

Havent had a chance to try choccy tart yet what with the moving and stuff...but thanks for reminding me: will have a go this week! Yummmmmmyyyyyyy! :D

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You should really try it and don't worry if the pastry sticks to the rolling pin and you get holes, just patch it together and it's fine ;)

Think I better make Chocolate and Banana cake cos there are some nanas starting to turn a bit nasty at home so better use them up :unsure:

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