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Glastonbury 2016 Festival - Blog 4 Issued 8th June 16

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This is my final blog for Glastonbury 2016; however there will official forecasts appearing shortly on the Net Weather website to keep you all up to date.I will also try to contribute a little to the Glastonbury blog a little over the next few weeks.

This blog will again feature the NOAA surface pressure charts and the latest ensemble forecast, and while it is still far too early to get any accurate picture, we can perhaps get an idea of the weather leading into Glastonbury.

NOAA Pressure Charts


6-10 Days

The trend was for low pressure to start to influence the weather over the UK; however these latest charts suggest more of a dominating pattern as opposed to an influence.

05 June - 6 to 10 days.gif06 June - 6 to 10 days.gif07 June - 6 to 10 days.gif


8-14 Days

The trend of the last update was for Low pressure to be in charge over the UK, but there were hopes that the influence of the Low Pressure was starting to reduce, as the deepest of the low pressure moved away to the North West. However the last couple of days show the Low Pressure dominance as much as ever. As these charts now cover the period towards the start of the festival, this is starting to look a little ominous.


5 June - 8 to 14 days.gif6 June - 8 to 14 days.gif7 June - 8 to 14 days.gif




There is solid agreement in things turning very unsettled into next week and if the Glastonbury festival opened its doors next week, it would most likely be a soggy affair. However is set to rise back to around 1020mb by the start of the festival, so perhaps things turning a little better.

Somerset Pressure 5 June 06Hz.pngSomerset Pressure 6 June.pngSomerset Pressure 7 June.pngSomerset Pressure 8 June.png



Into next week, and rainfall amounts are set to rise as mentioned above. As we move towards the Glastonbury festival, things turning a little drier and although not completely dry.

Somerset Rain 5 June 06Hz.pngSomerset Rain 6 June.pngSomerset Rain 7 June.pngSomerset Rain 8 June.png


The trend is far temps to fall next week, but perhaps a slight signs of things warming up a little before the festival, but no clear pattern as of yet.

Somerset Temps 5 June 06Hz.pngSomerset Temps 6 June.pngSomerset Temps 7 June.pngSomerset Temps 8 June.png

Met Office


Through the weekend (before Glastonbury festival) and into the following week the northwest is likely to see much of any further rain, with the southeast expected to see drier conditions.

Settled weather is most likely across north and northwestern areas through late June and early July. Southern and southeastern areas are more likely to see drier, warmer and sunnier conditions. Through the period this trend to more settled conditions is then expected to extend to most parts of the country.


The theme is for things to get better closer to Glastonbury, the big question is will things get better in time for the festival, fingers crossed it will, and I hope everyone going to the festival has a great time.

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Hi, will you be doing a Glastonbury thread this year?

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