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Glastonbury 2016 Festival - Blog 2

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This is the second blog for Glastonbury 2016.

This will be largely concentrated on the NOAA charts over the past few days.

Unfortunately they still do not run all the way to the start of the festival, but the longer term runs, now go up to 15th June,so about a week before the door opens. So perhaps we can start to see trends emerging.

I will also look at the ensembles which now start to cover the start of the festival, a massive caveat in that these tend to change widely over time.

6-10 days

These charts show the current general High Pressure pattern remaining in control, with winds perhaps turning more to the South East, warming things up a little.

28 May - 6 to 10 days.gif29 May - 6 to 10 days.gif30 May - 6 to 10 days.gif31 May - 6 to 10 days.gif

8-14 days

These charts are showing a slightly different picture, with the High Pressure being replaced by low pressure edging in from the South West turning things somewhat unsettled.

28 May - 8 to 14 days.gif29 May - 8 to 14 days.gif30 May - 8 to 14 days.gif31 May - 8 to 14 days.gif

Met Office UK Outlook for Thursday 16 Jun 2016 to Thursday 30 Jun 2016:

http://www.metoffice.gov.uk/public/weather/forecast/area/south_west_england (Link)

This suggests starting unsettled more especially for Southern and Western parts of the UK, presumably due to the lower pressure here, which ties in with the themes above. However it then suggests that while the overall weather remains rather mixed, but the best of the drier and brighter weather towards the south of the UK, where it will be warmer, this is quite positive for the Glastonbury festival period.

Ian's Monthly Outlook

Ian has done his regular excellent monthly forecast and it is well worth a read, the general theme is quite similar, but some differences in timings. (link below)


Ensembles (GFS)

These largely go with the theme of largely settled for the next week, turning unsettled for the following week, but again what follows?

Somerset Rain 1 June.PNGSomerset Pressure 1 June.PNG


These charts of course can change, and indeed they did flip around somewhat last year but the general trend is for more unsettled conditions around a  week before the festival, and if this transpires, will they revert back to something a little drier before the festival.

The next update over the weekend might give some clues.

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