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Glastonbury 2016 Festival - Blog 1

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Here is the first initial blog for the Glastonbury festival 2016.

This will take the form of information from a number of sources. Of course this far out, it is very much an indicative look at best, and there will be many ups and downs to the forecasts.

CFS Long Term – (Net Weather)

The past two weeks of these runs have been attached. In each case the pattern from left to right is

June forecast (23 May)                                    June forecast (29 May)                               July forecast (23 May)                                  July forecast (23 May)


June 16 Rainfall [23 May].pngJune 16 Rainfall [29 May].pngJuly 16 Rainfall [23 May].pngJuly 16 Rainfall [29 May].png

June Rainfall generally around average, with July rainfall slightly above average.


June 16 Temps [23 May].pngJune 16 Temps [29 May].pngJuly 16 Temps [23 May].pngJuly 16 Temps [29 May].png

June temps rising from slightly above average to above average. July temps stay at slightly above average.


June 16 Pressure [23 May].pngJune 16 Pressure [29 May].pngJuly 16 Pressure [23 May].pngJuly 16 Pressure [29 May].png

June Pressure slightly above average, more especially for Northern areas.

July Pressure better in the south in the latest run.

CFS (Meteociel)

As ever there is a mix, but the general theme is for pressure to be slightly above average for both June and July, temps are set to be around or slightly above average.

Rainfall is set to be below average for June, but for July the theme is for rainfall to be around average.

Met Office and NOAA

6-10 day                                                         8-14 days

28 May - 6 to 10 days.gif28 May - 8 to 14 days.gif

These both tend to agree with the general theme of High Pressure for the UK for the start of June.   However this is centred towards the north of the UK. However as we move later into June, there are signs of lower pressure edging into the South West of the UK.


Quite a decent start to the forecasts, but still a very long time to go.

The next update will be mid week probably Wednesday, and will tend to  focus more on teh NOAA forecasts as per above.

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