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May - Continued lack of activity

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Severe Blizzard


May has yielded NO thunder (or even any distant lightning) in Guildford.

There have been 20 'busts' in 2016 now - a truly horrendous figure. Getting thoroughly bored writing about missing out on thunderstorms while seeing the usual areas enjoying another 'good' convective and thundery year. Can't believe that the sum total of two 'good' convective months, April and May, can only deal out two rumbles locally (26th April) and one of those two months is completely thunder-free, again.

After this so-called thundery and convectionally active spring, there will be a compensatory quiet boring summer - so Guildford area has to suffer yet more boredom having missed out on the only chances early in the season.

I have never seen such protracted dreadful lacking conditions and after such an awful year last year as well.    

At the end of the season, I will publish my Excel spreadsheet showing the true extent and detail of this let-down year.

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