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Alps Ski and Snow Forecast Blog issued 4 March 2016

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Synoptic Summary and Current Conditions

The clock has ticked on and all of a sudden, we have moved into Spring, and you would think that things may start warming up. However the weather has not been that mild, whit plenty of snow above 1500m, while at lower resorts there has rain one day, and snow the next. However colder in recent days, with more general snow to lower levels.

Currently there a is a cool NW flow over the Alps, with low pressure to the north of the Alps.

Charts - Saturday to Tuesday
A NW flow seems likely over the weekend, but switching round to an Easterly by Monday and generally unsettled for the most part with low pressure centred over Italy. 

Charts - Wednesday to Friday
Unsettled with easterly winds to start, but High Pressure ridging up from the South West turning things much milder by Friday.


Alps Detail

Saturday – Turning colder from the North West, mild to start in Austria
850Hpa temps -3c to +2c and FL 800m to 1400m (France, Switzerland, SW Germany and Italy) (temps higher in the South)
850Hpa temps  +1c to +4c and FL 1400m to 2400m (Austria, SE Germany), (temps higher to the NE)

Sunday –  Colder in most areas, but still a little colder to the North
850Hpa temps -5c to -2c and FL 700m to 1100m (Germany, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, N Austria)
850Hpa temps  -1c to +1c and FL 1100m to 1400m (S Austria, Northern Italy)


Monday and Tuesday –  Similar temps to Sunday, winds now from the North East
850Hpa temps -5c / -6c to -3c and FL 700m to 1000m (S Germany, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, N Austria, France)
850Hpa temps  -2c to -1c and FL 1100m to 1300m (S Austria, Northern Italy)


Wednesday –  A little less cold, winds still from the North East
850Hpa temps -5c to -4c and FL 800m to 1100m (S Germany, Liechtenstein, N Switzerland, Far N Austria, W France Alps)
850Hpa temps -3c to +2c and FL 1200m to 1800m (S Switzerland, most of Austria, Italy, E France Alps)

Thursday – A little colder again, winds still from the North East
850Hpa temps -4c to -2c and FL 900m to 1100m (S Germany, Liechtenstein, Northern and Central parts of both Switzerland and Austria, W France Alps)
850Hpa temps  -2c to +2c and FL 1100m to 1600m (S Austria, Northern Italy)

Friday – Somewhat milder from the west, as a Tropical Maritime airmass approaches
850Hpa temps -2c to +2c and FL 1200m to 1800m (S Germany, Liechtenstein, Austria, Northern Switzerland, NE Italy) (coldest over Austria)
850Hpa temps  +2c to +7c and FL 1800m to 2200m (S Switzerland, French Alps, N and NW Italy)




Heavy precipitation moving Eastwards across the Alps during Saturday, with the heaviest of the precipitation towards the south of the Alps. Snow level never above 1200m, and dropping to around 600m by Sunday morning. Further precipitation on Sunday, more especially for eastern areas, Snow levels riding to 800m (North) 1000m in (south) midday dropping back to circa 400m-600m by evening.


Monday and Tuesday

Further precipitation continuing through much of Monday and Tuesday for the Alps, with snow levels never above 1000m, and closer to 500-600m overnight.


Wednesday to Friday

Turning a bit drier fro a time midweek, with precipitation edging in from the west on Friday, with snow to 1600m-1800m.


Snow amounts

Charts from snow-forecast.com


Quite widely over 50cm for Southern parts of the Alps over the next 72 hours above 1500m, with 75cm-1m in some parts, with up to 75cm, possible above 1000m.
A further 25-50cm possible over parts of the Alps for the following 3 days, this time with Central areas receiving more.

Less snow expected to North Eastern areas, with 10-20cm more likely here this week.

Another snowy start for the Alps this week, with snow to quite low levels, drier for a time midweek, before perhaps a little milder towards next weekend.

Alps 4 Mar Europe +5.JPG

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Avoriaz has had a great amount of snow the past few days with the base depth, which has been stuck at 140cm for several weeks, jumping to 165 cm. The good news is that it looks to me like the prospect of a very mild SW air flow for next week is diminishing by the day and this mornings GFS has an icy NE air flow re-established across the continent by 19th...just in time for the European Gay Ski Week! :D


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