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Alps Ski and Snow Forecast Blog issued 27 February 2016

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Synoptic Summary and Current Conditions


As we come to the end of the "winter" season, probably some of the best condition of the season for the Alps. Looking ahead another mixed week in prospect, mostly unsettled with all parts seeing some fresh snow at times but with fluctuating freezing levels, not for the first time.

Charts - Saturday to Tuesday


Low Pressure Centred over Northern Spain edging east into Northern Italy, keeping things very unsettled over the Alps, especially the Southern Alps. This only very slowly moves NEwards to clear the Alps late Monday. Turning briefly settled with a Ridge of High pressure for Tuesday.

Charts - Wednesday to Friday

North Western winds setting in and as as low pressure dives SE over Northern Europe, turning rather unsettled towards the weekend.

Alps Detail

Saturday – Turning milder as winds edge from the South / South East
850Hpa temps -5c to -3c and FL 800m to 1000m (Eastern Austria and far SW Germany)
850Hpa temps  0c to +4c and FL 1400m to 2000m (Western Austria, and the rest of the Alps)

Sunday –  Turning milder as winds edge from the South / South East
850Hpa temps -1c to +1c and FL 1000m to 1600m (NW Switzerland and SW Germany)
850Hpa temps +2c to +5c and FL 1800m to 2200m (Italy, Austria, most of Germany, Germany, France, S and E Switzerland )


Monday – Colder from the North East, for Western areas
850Hpa temps -4c to -1c and FL 800m to 1200m (N Switzerland and SW and Central Southern Germany)
850Hpa temps -1c to +3c and FL 1200m to 1800m (Italy, Austria, SE Germany, Germany, France, S Switzerland)

Tuesday –
850Hpa temps -5c to -2c and FL 600m to 1200m (S Germany, Northern and Central Austria, N Switzerland)
850Hpa temps -2c to +2c and FL 1200m to 1800m (S Switzerland and NW Italy)


Wednesday – Turning colder later in the day with North West winds
850Hpa temps -2c to +2c and FL 1000m to 1400m (S Germany, Northern and Central Austria, N Switzerland)
850Hpa temps +2c to +5c and FL 1800m to 2200m (S Switzerland, S Austria and Italy)

Thursday – Easterly winds, cold to the North a little milder to the south
850Hpa temps -4c (N) to -1c (S) and FL 800m (N) to 1400m (S)

Friday – Winds from the West to South West
850Hpa temps  0c to +2c and FL 1400m to 1600m (generally)




A very wet weekend for Northern Italy, this fringing Southern parts of Switzerland and SW Austria at times, but otherwise mostly dry for the Alps. Snow levels forecast to be 1200m to start the weekend, rising to 1600m for Sunday.

Early Next Week

The precipitation moving Northwards on Monday with some heavy bursts possible, but staying dry in the far west. The precipitation seems likely to be concentrated in Austria for Tuesday , and even here fading later in the day. Snow levels 1200m-1400m Monday daytime, falling to 600m Monday late evening, overnight and into Tuesday.

Middle to End of Week

56d0a9eac7bde_AlpsPrecip1Marmidnight.thu56d0a9eda8b82_AlpsPrecip2Mar6am.thumb.pn56d0a9f3018ca_AlpsPrecip2Mar6pm.thumb.pnAlps Precip 3 Mar 3pm.png
Precipitation edging in from the NW early Wednesday to give spells of wet weather for the Alps, most of the precipitation for NW parts of the Alps.
Snow Levels variable generally around 1000-1200m daytime, briefly 2000m Southern areas Wednesday, 600m-800m overnight.

Another mixed week for the Alps, some heavy snowfalls possible for the higher slopes, but again with the risk of some rain at lower levels at times.

Alps 26 Feb + 2 Day.JPG

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