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Alps Ski and Snow Forecast Blog issued 22 January 2016

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Current Synoptics and Conditions

After heavy snowfalls a few weeks and recent drier but very cold weather, skiing conditions remain very good. Settled conditions over the weekend should mean great skiing weather, but starting to turn milder again from the west.


Synoptics Ongoing

After models divergence in recent weeks, this week weather ifs much easier to forecast, however this does mean that conditions are set to turn very much milder from the West. In many ways this is a trade off, very good conditions to ski in, albeit with softening conditions in the afternoon. This is not good for long term snow retention, as ever higher slopes will be less affected for both.

High Pressure building over NW Europe, with milder weather starting to spread in from the west, with a warm front bringing some precipitation across the Alps on Saturday.
Very mild over the Western Alps by Sunday, staying much colder over Eastern Austria for most of Sunday, however turning more settled on Sunday.


Monday and Tuesday
South Westerly winds spreading across all of the Alps by the end of Tuesday, with very mild and settled weather across all of the Alps by the end of Tuesday.


End of Week
The pattern remains model unchanged, with south westerly winds and largely settled and mild conditions across the Alps, however perhaps cooler weather from the North West at times.


Alps Temperatures

Saturday - Sunday
For Saturday High Pressure centred to the North West Europe, with NE winds, but with the air originating from the SW increasingly over the weekend.
850Hpa temps +2c to -3c and FL Sea level to 600m (Eastern Austria)
850Hpa temps +2c to +3c and FL 1800m to 2100m (SW Alps)

For Sunday, turning milder from the west.
850Hpa temps +2c to -3c and FL 900m to 2100m (Western Austria to Eastern Austria)
850Hpa temps +2c to +6c and FL 2100m to 2400m (France, Switzerland and Western Alps)


Monday – Wednesday
Continuing to turn milder from the West, but settled conditions, with plenty of sunshine.

850Hpa temps +2c to +5c and FL 1800m to 2400m (Western Austria to Eastern Austria)
850Hpa temps +5c to +8c and FL 2700m to 3000m (France, Switzerland and Western Alps)

850Hpa temps +5c to +9c and FL 2600m to 3200m (colder Eastern Austria, mildest Western Alps)

850Hpa temps +5c to +8c and FL 2400m to 3000m (colder Eastern Austria, mildest Western Alps)


Thursday to Friday

Perhaps turning slightly colder from the North on Thursday, perhaps a bit milder again from the east Friday.
850Hpa temps +4c to +7c and FL 2300m to 2700m (colder Germany , mildest Italy)

850Hpa temps +0c to +4c and FL 1600m to 2400m (Austria, coldest further east)
850Hpa temps +3c to +4c and FL 2000m to 2600m (France, Switzerland and Germany)


Total Precipitation
On Saturday, a front edges in from the west, bringing moderate precipitation in places, Snow levels around 1200m in Central/Western areas, well below 1000m in Austria, by the evening.
Thereafter, mostly dry this week, but perhaps some patchy precipitation in parts of Austria at times.


Turning much milder from the west, however always that little bit colder in Austria, especially Eastern Austria. A better week for skiing in, than for the slopes themselves.

Alps 22 Jan Europe +6.JPG

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