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Alps Ski and Snow Forecast Blog issued 18 December

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Current Synoptics and Alps Weather Summary

The mild weather continues to effect the Alps with conditions and temperatures better reflecting early Spring than Early Winter. The use of snow cannons has meant that many piste runs are open, especially at higher levels, however a quick glance at webcams will show that off piste conditions are a different story, either closed or showing pastures of green.

Comparing the forecast for last week to today's synoptics.


While the pattern for the Alps is largely the same, mild and largely with SW winds, the upstream pattern is a little different with the flattening of the jet not really happening, with the SW flow largely continuing.

This Weeks Synoptics


For the next week the weather pattern looks largely similar, the wind direction tend to fluctuate from SSW winds to SW but always very mild and largely settled. Towards next weekend, perhaps signs of the High pressure over Europe briefly edging eastwards, perhaps allowing more in the way of frontal system to edge in from the west, but this is still a long way off.

Alps Temperatures and Rainfall

This week I have changed this to include 850Hpa Temps and Freezing Levels. The basic precipitation pattern is that it remains largely dry throughout.

Saturday - A South westerly flow and Very mild in the west, 850Hpa temps of 10c (FL 3200m), cooler for the time in the NE 850Hpa temps of 3c (FL 2400m)

Sunday - A South westerly flow and Very mild across the whole Alps, FL levels 3000-3300m, 850HPa up to +11c in Southern Germany, closer to +4c in SE Switzerland and SW Austria.


Monday - The winds veering westerly over the Alps, so a little less mild, 850HPa temps +4c to +7c, and FL 2400m-2700m, cooler in the North, warmer in the south.

Tuesday - The winds reverting back to South Westerly and turning very mild, 850HPa temps +5c to +9c, and FL 3000m (Eastern Austria) to 3600m (Western Alps).


Wednesday - The winds remaining South Westerly with the mildest of the weather moving away to the East, 850HPa temps +7c to +9c, and FL 2900m (Western Alps) to 3600m (Eastern Austria).

Thursday - The winds remaining South Westerly, 850HPa temps +4c to +7c, and FL 2500m to 2700m.

Friday - The winds remaining South Westerly, but originating from the South East for the SE Alps. 850 HPa Temps 2c over Northern Italy (FL 2300m), up to +9c for Southern Germany, (FL 3000m)


Below are the precipitation charts for Thursday and Friday, the Thursday shows the heaviest precipitation for the Alps for the week, and it is still mostly dry. While the Friday charts shows that a dry Christmas Day is likely favoured. The total precipitation charts also indicate a dry week for the Alps.



A dry and very mild week in the Alps with very little snowfall expected, there is more of a chance of some snowfall for the post Christmas weekend, but the week after, still looking on the mild and mostly dry side.


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