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Alps Ski and Snow Forecast Blog issued 11 December

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Current Synoptics and Alps Weather Summary

Last week was a largely mild one across the Alps with mild South South westerly winds within a tropical Maritime air mass

If we look at today's chart (left) and compare to the forecast charts from the last blog (right) we can see the general weather pattern is very similar, however the low pressure  is slightly further to the west, however the High pressure is very much still dominant over mainland Europe, and if anything stronger than previously forecasted.



Upcoming Synoptics

It is very much a case of deja vu for the Alps synoptics this coming week. Winds generally come from the West to South West. Which means it largely remaining on the mild side.

There is a time around the middle of the week, though that there is a chance of some colder weather snipping for far East of Austria.


Freezing Level and Precipitation

Saturday - Mild and dry for SW Alps with Freezing Level (FL) at 3000m, cooler as you move further North and East, with the chance of moderate precipitation for a few hours over NE Austria, snow above around 1400m.

Sunday - A mostly dry day, perhaps a little evening precipitation for the far NE of Austria with the FL across the Alps in a narrow range between 2000m to 2400m.


Monday - Another mostly dry day, with the milder air being mixed out, with FL slightly lower at around 1800m-2200m.

Tuesday - Dry over Southern parts of the Alps, with some precipitation moving East over southern Germany into Austria later in the day. Milder in the west FL at 2200m , closer to 1800m over Eastern Austria.



Wednesday -There will be spells of precipitation for much of the North and west of the Alps overnight and for the morning, this becoming confined to Southern Germany and Switzerland and the far west of Austria by
afternoon and heavy and prolonged in places. this spreading east during the evening, to reach Western Austria by midnight. Heavy snowfall perhaps 20cm possible above around 2000m.

Milder in the west FL at 2600m, Switzerland 2200-2600m, Western Austria 1800m-2200m, as low as 1400m far Eastern Austria.



Thursday - Overnight precipitation is expected to continue over Western Austria until morning, before moving to central Austria for the afternoon, and Eastern Austria by evening Heavy snowfall perhaps 20cm possible above around 2000m, the heaviest snowfall at the moment likely for Western Austria.

Milder in the west FL at 3000m, Switzerland 2200-3000m, Western Austria 2100m-2400m, as low as 1200m in extreme NE corner of Austria.

Friday - A mostly dry day, milder generally across the Alps with the FL across the Alps in a narrow range between 2000m to 2400m.


Overall Precipitation

Mostly Dry for Southern Europe, perhaps up to 50mm of precipitation for Eastern Switzerland, Western Austria and Central Southern Germany with large snowfalls for the higher slopes.


Summary and Further Outlook

Mostly mild and dry this week, however a chance of moderate snowfall for the higher resorts in the Central alps around midweek.

Looking further ahead into the 7-14 day range, initial indications are staying Generally mild however a chance of some northerly incursions before Christmas.

Alps 11 Dec + 7 Days.png

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You asked for comments Julian. Well first of all could I say 'thanks' for taking up your time to do these blogs every week. They are a 'must' read for me.
With regard the format, I think it's a good balance and provides a concise but informative picture of the upcoming weather for the Alps.

Maybe it's a personal preference and others might disagree, but I always look at the 850hPa charts when watching a model run unfold, as the temperature isotherm is what most resorts will experience at 'mid-mountain' height. But I do acknowledge the charts can be very messy when compared with the neater looking 500hPa charts, and which still very adequately convey an at-a-glance take on the overall synoptic pattern. (So please feel free to ignore me!).

Finally, we have several readers of the thread that ski regularly in the Pyrenees, so maybe those mountains could be covered from time to time - say when a weather event is set to impact in the week ahead? (With apologies for suggesting more work!).
But once again, thankyou. :)

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