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Well today was my 20 week scan.MiniLoo was being very good and keeping still until the radiographer decided she wanted pictures of his heart. Then he decided that he was going to jump about like mad but it was nice to see him being active :D Then he decided to behave and lay down with his hand propped behind his head in a sort of laid back kind of way :o Anyway, he's(/she's) ok. Everything is fine and well, no signs of any problem with it's kidneys. To be honest we had a full frontal shot and I couldn't see any signs of.....well you know but I'm not an expert, so we shall have to wait to see :D Unfortunately my kidney is not faring as well. It is showing increased dilation and I am now due to go back in 3 weeks for another scan and have to see the Urologist as well as the Maternity Specialist (forget their title) on a regular basis :D But at least they are keeping an eye on things so I suppose that's good. To be honest the Specialists like me cos I'm an interesting case :blink: Other news, our buyers have accepted an offer from first time buyers so it's all go on the moving front. We are now trying to move asap, so hopefully we will be moving at the begining of November :D

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Wow Katie! 20 weeks already! I can't believe how fast the time is flying by :D

Good news on Mini-loo, but sorry to hear about your kidney - at least you will be under the best possible care :)

Also good news on the house front - its amazing how many people move when pregnant - my neighbour moved just two weeks before she was due :) So am sure all will be fine at this very exciting time for you :)

Hugs xxx

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