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well, what can I say? After an 8 year break from driving (after only driving for 6 months) its like I never gave up.This time around, I am more mature (well, there are those that would argue with that statement) and don't feel the need to wizz here there and everywhere, and am taking things at my own pace.Instead of feeling self conscious (sp) when someone over takes me, I couldnt care less. When I was 19, I used to take that kind of thing personnally. The only bad experience I have had was due to Mr Raven, and not an aggressive 'White Van Man' type driver. (as I thought it might be!)Some of you may know I am simply unable to park a car if I need to reverse into the space, or need to straighten up by reversing...... infact, lets face it - I can't reverse (unless I need to do a 3 point turn) to save my life. My brain simply shuts down (as if someone had shoved an algebra problem under my nose) Anyway, the other night, I had to park my car, and went in at an angle which meant that I had to reverse to straighten up. I looked to Mr R for help in this (as I have no idea which way to turn the wheel when a car is in reverse) and his answer was..... 'well, what way do you want to turn the wheel?' Now, forgive me if I am wrong, but if I knew that, I wouldnt be asking him, would I? So, after a mini arguement, I stomped out of the car... and left him to park it for me. He has sworn he won't shout at me again when I struggle with anything driving wise.....Anyway, other than that, I have been fine. Have driven on the motoway, during rush hour etc and seem to be OK. I have only driven once on my own though - but that trip went OK.... I guess its just a matter of keeping it up and building my confidence up..... :blink:

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