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Alps Weather Forecast 8 February 2015

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The recent weeks have seen a continuous improvement across the Alps with good snow levels in most places.

[b]Synoptics [/b]

The current pattern is High Pressure over the UK, with very cold East to North Easterly winds over the Alps. the pattern similar for Monday, and turning slightly less cold.

[attachment=244445:Alps 8 Feb.JPG] [attachment=244446:Alps 8 Feb + 24.JPG]

The High Pressure edges further South East from Tuesday, with the cold feed from the East bring cut off and bring replaced with a milder South Easterly feed.

[attachment=244447:Alps 8 Feb + 48.JPG] [attachment=244448:alps 8 Feb + 72.JPG]

By the end of the week, no real dominant weather pattern for the Alps, with light winds and 850hpa falling back to around zero.

[attachment=244450:Alps 8 Fen + 96.JPG] [attachment=244449:Alps 8 Feb + 120.JPG]

[b][font=arial]Precipitation [/font][/b]

[font=arial]Moderate to heavy snow [to around 400m] for Austria, S Germany and Eastern Switzerland. Snow continuing overnight for parts of Austria and SE Germany. [/font]
[attachment=244460:Alps 8 Feb Precip + 9.png] [attachment=244461:Alps 8 Feb Precip + 15.png]
[font=arial]The precipitation building up Monday morning into the afternoon, with heavy precipitation for several hours for SE Germany and NE Austria, with moderate precipitation for other parts of Austria, Snow about 400m-600m][/font]

[attachment=244462:Alps 8 Feb Precip + 27.png] [attachment=244463:Alps 8 Feb Precip + 33.png] [attachment=244464:Alps 8 Feb Precip + 39.png]
[font=arial]Precipitation continuing during Monday evening overnight before fading away. [/font]

[font=arial]With pressure building a little during the rest of the week, turning much drier. [/font][/size]

[size=3]Total precipitation 48 hrs and 12hrs, very much a case of spot the difference. [/size]
[size=3][attachment=244465:Rhgfs4814.gif] [attachment=244466:Rhgfs12014.gif][/size]


[font=arial]Sun – 200-600m most of Austria, S Germany 600m- 900m SW Austria, N and E Switzerland, NW French Alps, 900m-1200m S Switzerland, NE Italy, 1500m-1800m NW Italy and SE French Alps[/font]
[font=arial]Mon – 200-600m N Austria, S Germany N Switzerland, 800m-1400m SW Austria, S Switzerland, NW French Alps 1800m-2000m NW Italy and SE French Alps, Far SW Switzerland [/font]
[attachment=244454:Alps 8 Feb Temps.png] [attachment=244455:Alps 8 Feb Temps + 24.png]

[font=arial]Tue – 800-1000m N Austria, S Germany N Switzerland, 1000m-2400m SW Austria, S Switzerland, French Alps, N Italy [/font]
[font=arial]Wed – 1800-2000m SE Austria, 2000m-2400m rest of Alps[/font]
[attachment=244456:Alps 8 Feb Temps + 48.png] [attachment=244457:Alps 8 Feb Temps + 72.png]

T[font=arial]hurs – 1400-1800m SE Austria, 1800m-2200m rest of Alps
Fri – 400-800m E Austria, 1200m-1600m most of Alps, 1800m-2200m SW Austria, S Switzerland, SE French Alps , Far NW Italy [/font]
[attachment=244458:Alps 8 Feb Temps + 96.png] [attachment=244459:Alps 8 Feb Temps + 120.png]

A cold start to the week with some heavy snowfalls likely to quite low levels for S Germany and parts of Austina. Thereafter a bit milder and somewhat drier.

Definitely a week to be on the slopes rather for long term snow retention.[/size]
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Thank you Julian. As you say, with light winds and less harsh temps, later in the week it should be very enjoyable on the slopes.


So a 'breather' coming up for the Alps after the recent heavy snowfalls and bitter temperatures. How long will it last? Well the GFS and ECM, whilst differing in detail, are both showing further cold blasts from the NW later in their runs, so hopefully no long lasting milder weather setting in.

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