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Well, as of today, we officially have our own bird population! Yippeee!!! We have 2 chafficnhes, two blue tits and a big bolshy house sparrow! And they love the feeders, so looks like they were the perfect thing to have!Ridiculous how such a silly little thing can make you feel so happy isn't it? :blink:

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Just wait until the cute Squirrels arrive....then watch as they manage to rip apart most bird feeders :(

I wouldn't mind the Squirrels if it weren't for their distructive ways <_<

Nice that you have some little feathered visitors though :D

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Roo that's brilliant :) . If it's a pair of Chaffinches I hope they stick around through the winter and breed next year !!

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Sadly not a pair of chaffinches: two girlie ones who were giving the burly sparrow a run for his money...

I also heard a couple of bullfinches earlier, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.... :D

All I need now would be a couple of wrens, a green finch or two and perhaps a robin and I'll be totally made up... :lol: :lol: Ooooo and a goldcrest too...I love those little punky thugs... :blink: :lol:

So nice to see the sparrow.....they are so uncommon nowadays, poor things...

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Oh well, with the chaffinches maybe some lads will come looking for the girls when it gets cooler ;) . They group together in winter.

And greenfinches are rapidly becoming a fave of mine, this year's young have gorgeous yellowy tail feathers :) .

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