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Stormchase 2014 - Central South Dakota

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blog-0588383001404156677.jpg[u][b]Thu 19th June 2014[/b][/u]
Today was a waiting game. The risk further east was clearly a line event as depicted by HRRR so we remained in South Dakota hopeful for the SPC 'See Text' risk and HRRR development mid-state.

We headed North then West towards Pierre. As we aproached the town of Bluff the storm started to develop rapidly on radar. Already it had dropped a couple of tornadoes and numberous funnels.

Chasing it North East we witnessed numerous funnels but this was a cold outflow dominant storm. One of the areas of rotation looked promising and briefly a rotating lowing in the distance appeared to be generating some ground disturbance however this was all over too quickly. See photos.

Although we have no live stream this trip, you can follow us and other Storm Chasers during chases on the Live Map with Radar/Satellite Overlays available at: [url="http://www.spotternetwork.org/pages/map"]Spotter Network with the ID Nick Parnell[/url]. Also via Twitter [url="https://www.twitter.com/headcornweather"]@headcornweather[/url]

Photos from today are available via the [url="https://www.dropbox.com/sh/htak3nmei1ga7c3/AADOgPfcT1RR7W9-SfAMuhA_a/Day%206%20-%20June%2019th"]Dropbox Gallery Link[/url].
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