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Stormchase 2014 - The Day of the Twisters

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blog-0998666001404157654.jpg[u][b]Mon 16th June 2014[/b][/u]
A day of mixed emotions. Firstly one of awe in seeing the sheer power of nature and the very rare occurance of two large tornadoes so close together. Secondly immense sadness for those affected in the towns and settlements where this tornado hit here in Nebraska. My thoughts and prayers go out to those people and may I ask you each consider a donation to the [url="http://stormassist.org/contribute"]Storm Assist organization[/url] which directly helps the victims of storm damage.

We began the day today in Sioux City Iowa on the Eastern Banks of the Missouri. Following the passage of a late morning Mesoscale Convective System (MCS), we headed west to our intended target area of Norfolk, Nebraska.

After a short break for lunch and a refueling stop it was soon clear a massive supercell was building behind us. Dewpoints were already juicy and convection explosive with a massive anvil forming and quickly growing to fill the Southwest sky..

We headed out to our east, just south of the warm front where we could see the storm was headed towards and riding along. We drove up onto the hills near the town of Pilger and were joined by a local Fire and EMS official.

Looking towards our south and in the distance we could see a funnel forming and eventually a tornado on the ground near Stanton. Local sirens were sounded in good time and reports and photos were sent to local NWS as the tornado strengthened and moved towards us.

We moved on further up the hill. Looking back, we could see a second twin funnel forming. This soon gained strength and become a strong and destructive twin tornado. Unknown to us, this tornado was causing extensive damage to the town of Pilger.

We witnessed other strong tornadoes near Wakefield and further north of there. Also countless funnels. In total 7 Tornadoes this day.

Photos from today can be found in the [url="https://www.dropbox.com/sh/htak3nmei1ga7c3/AABdkLRFs8_ScL1pdiyUrJRra/Day%203%20-%20June%2016th"]Dropbox Gallery[/url]. Included in the HD Videos Dropbox is a [url="https://www.dropbox.com/sh/htak3nmei1ga7c3/AADVSVut43KGJYwdsgIU7D1na/HD%20Movies"]video of the Twin Tornadoes[/url].
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