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Well I haven't written for a bit so I thought I had better....Moved in just over a week ago, and all went really smoothly which was odd...keep expecting something to go wrong, but it hasn't...it's making me very jumpy!!! :o Have finished most of the decorating (have only got the upstairs hall to do and mini-roo's room) but as both will comprise a lick of paint and a small tidy up, it shouldn't take us more than a day or so. Have to get a couple of bits of furniture too, but that shouldn't be too bad, and then we're done....The housew feels very much like home and I really, really love the garden: my friend bought us two very swish bird feeders (we have posh birds here!!!) but as yet we have no birds...have got to work out a way of getting them into the garden...Hmmmmm :blink: Have put out a bird bath (apparently they can see water from the air) and am going to put some food on the shed roof (yes, OON we have one too!!!), so will keep you updated about feathered visitors....Have got book group tonight...should be good, as I haven't seen everyone for ages. The only trouble is, I haven't finished the book and I'm really enjoying it, so if I go I'll find out the end (we have a rule that if you go you have to be prepared to have the plot spoilt if you haven't read it yet)....Ah well....... :D Talk soonRoo :D

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Sounds good Roo :) . You may have done this already: have you asked any neighbours about birds that visit their gardens and what food they feed them?

The birds are now feeding regularly again from our feeders after not visiting for a while due to grain etc left over in the fields following harvesting.

I guess blackbirds / robins will be on the look out for worms / grubs if you get rain. Then blue / great tits are usually first to the feeders.

Hope you have success :) .

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