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Top 10 Moments of the Winter 2013/2014

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[center][size=5]10. False taste of winter[/size][/center]


Towards the end of November the UK got it's first taste of winter with strong Northerly winds and some wintry weather around as well.

[center][size=5]9. The January tease[/size][/center]


January was mostly settled and it always felt like it was leading up to something the models would show us some cold charts then downgrade them as we got closer making the whole of this month just a tease that never really mounted to anything in the end.

[center][size=5]8. Some weather action in January at last! Oh wait just another storm[/size][/center]


Nadja arrived to the North West of the UK towards the end of January it wasn't what everyone wanted we already had enough storms. It brought storm force winds, flooding and thunderstorms to many parts of the UK the storm itself reached 945mb.

[center][size=5]7. The first of many storms[/size][/center]


On the 5th of December a system named Xaver moved over the Northern half of the UK taking a similar route as the previous storm in November. This time however it was much deeper the pressure got down to 962mb and gusts between 70 to 80mph were reported with 142mph being the highest gust recorded in the Scottish Highlands. It also caused the biggest storm surge in the North sea since 1953.

[center][size=5]6. Erich pays a visit to Ireland[/size][/center]


Yet another storm formed at the end of December and although at 944mb it wasn't as deep as the Christmas Eve storm it still brought stormy weather mainly for those in Ireland where 70 to 80mph was reported along with power outages, travel disruption and flooding.

[center][size=5]5. Two storms in 48 hours[/size][/center]


The two storms called Zaki and Adam caused widespread damage across most of the Northern half of the UK on the 14th and 15th of December. 70 to 80mph gusts were reported in Scotland who luckily missed the worst of the winds, further North where the Faroe Isles are 112mph was recorded.

[center][size=5]4. Storm Bernd baffles the computer models[/size][/center]


Just 4 days after two had passed over the UK another one was getting ready. It completely baffled the computer models though due to how it formed in the Atlantic and its route. Even the best models struggled to pin down its strength and route a day before it arrived. When it did arrive it brought 75 to 85mph gusts across the UK mainly in the North. Some places in Ireland and Scotland did report peak gusts over 105mph. It knocked out power supplies and brought flooding to parts of England and Scotland.

[center][size=5]3. Mid March high pressure[/size][/center]


After a winter of constant storms most of us forgot that high pressure even exists. Well it did arrive eventually mid March that gave us some settled weather. But it also meant our chances of seeing any prolonged cold spell had disappeared forcing members back into hibernation for next winter. I've put this high up on the list because it was very pleasing to see a settled spell of weather for those who had been hit badly with the flooding. Usually high pressure like this would be disliked in the winter but this time it was different.

[center][size=5]2. First half of February constant storms hit Ireland, Wales and England[/size][/center]


Many members had hoped that February could save the winter but no the storms just kept coming. In the first two weeks of February six storms passed over Ireland, Wales and England. Petra 5th, Qumaira 6th, Ruth 8th, Stephanie 9th, Tini 12th, Ulla 14th. All of these storms followed a similar path and affected the same areas in just the two weeks all of them brought storm force winds and some places reported peak gusts over 100mph. Constant power outages, travel disruption and a huge amount of rainfall that caused widespread flooding that affected thousands of people.

[center][b][size=5]1. Santa has to fly through a 929mb storm on Christmas Eve[/size][/b][/center]


The system called Dirk brought heavy rain over England where some locations broke their records for most rainfall amounts in 24 hours. It caused disruption with travelling on Christmas Eve and flooding. Strong winds affected the UK but this time mostly the South where a station in the English Channel reported a 92mph top gust. On the forum it was closely watched by the members because of how deep this storm was going to get gained it a lot of attention.

Note: Most sources say it reached 929mb however some websites I came across said it reached 927mb.
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