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Weather guide Monday 17th to Sunday 23rd March 2014

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[font=arial][size=3][b]Headline: Mild and often dry to mid week, then cool and unsettled; wintry showers possible from Friday[/b][/size][/font]

[font=arial][size=3]A welcome dry week gone, barely a drop of rain, but with a lot of local variation depending on cloud cover and fog. Generally though it was a sunny week with some warm temperatures at times. Last Sunday saw 15 to 18c widely, and 18.6c at Coventry, notably warm for early March. Wednesday and Thursday saw highly contrasting conditions, a sunny 16c at Llanwnnen and 17c at Bala on Wednesday, but fog and low cloud problematic for other areas really pegging back temperatures where it stuck. Parts of the West Midlands only reached a cool 7c for example on Wednesday, while on Thursday some coastal parts of SW Wales remained foggy with Aberporth only managing 6c max compared to 15c here inland where the morning fog cleared to sunshine. Much of West Wales cooled off on Friday while the Midlands warmed up! Overnight frosts quite a feature last week and Friday mornings minimum of -3.6c here was the lowest since November. Warmth again for the Midlands on Saturday, 15.5c reached at Church Lawford and Little Rissington.[/size][/font]

[font=arial][size=3]Further mild and often dry weather up to mid week after which it turns decidedly cool and unsettled. Warm and sunny for the Midlands on Sunday clouding over somewhat late afternoon, temperatures up to 17 or 18c, more in the way of cloud for West Wales, a spit of drizzle for some, with just a few sunny intervals at times and highs 12 to 14c. A mild, mostly dry night follows. A ridge of high pressure over southern Britain for Monday so another generally dry picture, sunny intervals and just the odd drizzly shower for Snowdonia. Highs 10c for Snowdonia, 12c for SW Wales and 14c for parts of the Midlands where it is a fine, bright day, light to moderate westerly winds on Monday. A trough of low pressure crosses during Tuesday, this bringing some rain to Wales in the early hours and thence to the Midlands by morning along with a fresh to strong west wind. Rain or showers in places a threat then during much of Tuesday, some places not seeing much though. A cooler day with the brisk NW wind, highs just 9 or 10c for West Wales and 11 or 12c for the Midlands. Any showers die out Tuesday evening leaving a dry night with no frost. High pressure returns close to our south for Wednesday which sees an improvement. A dry but breezy day, sunny spells prevail for the Midlands but with more in the way of cloud expected for West Wales, maxima 12 or 13c West Wales and 15 or 16c Midlands, so very mild here. The SW wind freshening afternoon, and a little rain may reach NW Wales by evening. [/size][/font]

[font=arial][size=3]A deep low to the north of Scotland influences our weather for the latter part of the week pushing high pressure to our SE away. A slow moving front edges rain down from the NW on Thursday, so likely to turn wet and windy afternoon across Wales while it may hold off until evening for the Midlands. Cool for much of Wales with the wind and rain, highs 10c at best here but where brightness lasts 14c for the SE Midlands. Potential for a lot of rain overnight Thursday as a wave may develop along the front stalling its progress, and turning cold enough for sleet or snow over the high ground of Wales. A cool, showery westerly flow on Friday, hail showers, and likely to be wintry at times over the hills of Wales, but with sunny intervals as well. Highs just 6 to 8c on Friday so feeling much colder for many of us. A frost for Friday night with clear spells. With low pressure sticking close to Scotland more cool, showery weather next weekend too, again these wintry over high ground, and snow a possibilty to lower ground too although not settling, this more likely should showers occur overnight. Some further slight frosts likely by night. Maxima in the 7 to 10c range, but it should not feel too bad in the sunny spells, as the sun is getting quite strong now.[/size][/font]
[font=arial][size=3][attachment=209390:PPVG89 R dry Mon.png][attachment=209391:ecmt850.024 R m dry Mon.png][attachment=209392:PPVJ89 someain or showers tue.png][attachment=209399:h850t850eu cooler unsettled Tue.png][attachment=209393:ecmt850.096 m dry mild Wed.png][attachment=209400:h850t850eu windy dry Wed.png][attachment=209395:ecmt850.096 active front TH pm.png][attachment=209396:h850t850eu turns wet windy eventually Th.png][attachment=209402:ukprec poterntial wave stall early Fri.png][attachment=209397:ecmt850.144 cool showery Fri.png][attachment=209398:h850t850eu cool showery Fri.png][attachment=209401:h850t850eu cool showery weekend.png][attachment=209403:prcpWarwickshire rain or showers from Thu especially.png][attachment=209405:prmslWarwickshire increasingly unsettled week.png][attachment=209406:t850Warwickshire colder from FRi.png][attachment=209407:mgram_Birmingham.png][/size][/font]
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