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I love Canadian Winters

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Just sitting here on a Friday night, nice glass of red in hand and a snowfall warning has been issued for up to 6 inches of snow by this time tomorrow.

I've lived here 8 years now, originally born and raised in Kent, and its the certainty of snow in the winter that just makes me smile. Although the fun of will it/wont it snow in England was good there's nothing like getting a snowstorm knowing its not going to be marginal as temperatures are going to drop to minus 20oC. The joys of being connected to the arctic by land.

Anyway that's enough of my smug ramblings and if you want to see if the snow hits here check out 7 webcams in town here in the Canadian Rocky Mountains.

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Pah, keep your snow... we got our drizzle and Bartletts and excitement over 1mm of sleet one day in January.

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