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My Weather Diary of July 2013

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A Winter's Tale


1st July: Welcome to the first day of July, like August this is traditionally one of the warmest months of the summer but it can be renowned for thundery downpours and humid conditions aswell as hot and dry summer weather. It's been a while since we've had a truly great summer month. The last was July 2006 - although June 2010 was decent and last month got off to a good start - and since then we've been more familiar with classic winter months than summer. And in the past few years, there has been some well and truly wet weather in July. Can this month improve on the good start to last month or will it be the same old story? Well, today, a showery airmass was over the country although I didn't observe any precipitation. There was some pleasant conditions with clear and sunny intervals and bright conditions aswell as some passing clouds. Quite breezy in the westerly wind. There was little in the way of clear patches later this evening with generally cloudy skies but not too dull. Now it is calm, but overcast ahead of a soaking wet day tomorrow. But ater this week it could turn settled and warmer?

2nd July: A wide and large front saw an extensive band of rain sit and slowly corss the country today. It wasn't particulary heavy rain, more like steady drizzle for much of the day making for a disapointing day. And it is still drizzly outside. A few more unsettled days before the Azores High is set to make things more settled and warmer for the weekend and into next week.

3rd July: A brighter day overall with a mix of intervals of both sunshine/clear skies and cloud and it was fairly pleasant and calm. Recently it has become cloudier with an approaching front which is set to bring rain for tomorrow - thereafter and it is a more summery looking picture.

4th July: There was soime sunshine and blue skies for periods earlier today but it was quite breezy and at times there was some strong gusts. There was also some clouds and I recall during the evening alternating cloud cover/clear skies. This gave way to a variety of skyscapes and colours/ambiance with a constantly changing look to the sky during the evening. Around 8pm it was largely overcast but with ridges and pockets of clear skies and around 9-10pm there was a mixture of cloud cover and clear skies: different colours of the sun shinning on certain parts of the landscape/clouds and different tones of blue in the clearer pockets across the sky (a pale blue further south and east). It did however seem more autumnal than July. Recently there has been more alternating period of areas of cloud cover and clearer skies (with some light after dusk) and a clearer/cold looking sky with starts out - rolling across the sky. Tomorrow should be mostly dry, western Scotland isn't immune from some rainfall. It is then set to turn warmer and more settled.

5th July: A warm, quite balmy day. It started bright with hazy sunshine, blue skies with scattered white cloud and a pleasant breeze. For a time in the early evening it turned a bit cloudier before warm hazy sunsine, blue skies and scattered white cloud returned. ....
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