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Glastonbury Forecast 22 and Final - 28th June

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This is the final forecast for Glastonbury 2013, so thanks for reading and for your comments.

Unfortunately the rain yesterday totalled 10mm and this has caused some mud on site, this was forecast but only very recently, so earlier forecasts in the week did not pick this up. According to site reports, the wet ground and dampness is starting to dry out and today’s brightness and warmth should help matters. There is a front currently to the North West which may give a little bit more rain this evening.

[b]Saturday 29 June[/b]
Winds are likely to be from a West North West direction with pressure around 1025mb, a bright start to the day is expected with some sunny intervals. A warm front is set to push through during the afternoon and although it should stay dry, more cloud is expected during the late afternoon and evening, this is a bit of a change from previous forecasts. Big difference in the models for max temps again, GFS says 21-22c, the Met Office say 18-19c

Morning Runs (L-R, UKM, ECM, GFS)
[attachment=176120:UKM 28a 24.gif] [attachment=176114:ECM 28a 24.gif] [attachment=176118:GFS 28 06 1.png]

[b]Sunday 30 June[/b]
The High Pressure edge back south again over the weekend with pressure around 1020mb with winds from a general westerly direction. Daytime Sunday looks dry in between the fronts which pushes passed through during Saturday and the one passing through during the early hours of Monday morning. In general terms the forecast of yesterday remains true, rather cloudy and damp to start but more in the way of brightness/sunshine in the afternoon with Temps around 19-22c. However a bit more cloud into the late evening, with the chance of some patchy rain in early hours of Monday morning.

Morning Runs (L-R, UKM, ECM, GFS)
[attachment=176115:UKM 28a 36.gif][attachment=176119:UKM 28a 48.gif] [attachment=176117:GFS 28 06 2.JPG] [attachment=176116:GFS 28 06 3.JPG] [attachment=176121:ECM 28a 48.gif]

In general terms not a bad weekend, not as good as was thought to be the case at the start of the week, largely due to the High Pressure never really getting in control as much as was suggested/hoped, this also was one of the major reasons yesterday’s low pushed South East rather than East. For the most part looking dry and warm with some sunshine at times over the weekend, which should help dry the site out, hopefully everyone has a great festival.
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