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Stormchase 2013 - Day 7

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After leaving Burlington this morning we initially headed south for a dry line risk of storms initiating west of Lamar.


Whilst a few promising ones kicked off mid afternoon with a few CGs and some streamed on the webcam we decided to abandon this for the risk areas to the far North and east in the Dakotas and possibly Minnesota.

Tonight we make the long drive North staying in Chadron. The final stretch now towards what could hopefully be a moderate risk over the next few days.

As I write this we're driving North across the plains of Colorado and into Nebraska. The setting sun to our west and dust blowing across areas of parched landscape desperately in need of rain.


Finally we move into an area of greener farmland. We turn off the main highway and onto the country routes. Ian reminds Paul that it's only 50 miles to go on these dirt roads as we head further North into the darkness.


We get to see some great lightning after dark from the storms over Wyoming to our West as we punch through into Nebraska.These dark skies could be wonderful for nighttime photography over the next few days.


Totally different country ahead. The chase goes on...
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