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Stormchase 2013 - Day 5

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blog-0788776001371571511.jpgLeaving North Platt today we headed back along our old favourite route I-80 west, a road that has become rather familiar over the past few days given the amount of chases that have centered around the East to West Nebraska areas.

We headed to Ogalalla first of all for lunch in the western style saloon then once things started initiating we moved west towards Kimball.

Realising that storms to the south had more potential, we took the decision to head south towards Brush and began chasing a huge supercell into North East Colorado which became tornadic spinning up a quick funnel captured by all of us on camera.

Today was definitely the day of the Rainbows, or should I say Hailbows. It seemed everywhere we looked there was a rainbow and set against the stunning colours of the Colorado plains it looked quite amazing.

We stopped at a great vantage point and [url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K7RFjFx-ewA"]watched the mesocyclone over a farm[/url]. The wind was being drawn into the system and dust and small debris was being blown around. Quite an amazing experience with the ever present Hailbows always in shot as shown in this [url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K7RFjFx-ewA"]YouTube Video.[/url]


The cell lost energy and we drove off, however as we followed a small county road towards Burlington it pulsed up again covering the fields with Hail as if it had been snowing.

Definitely a day to remember and hopefully to be repeated soon.

Tuesdays Target looks to be Eastern Colorado again.

Visit todays [url="https://www.dropbox.com/sh/9qb5ckmqu727jap/hcc-mcipgT/Day%205%20-%20June%2017th"]Headcorn Weather Dropbox Gallery[/url] for all the latest Photos!
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