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Stormchase 2013 - Day 3

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After a very late night of chasing down what seemed to be the last remaining hotel rooms in the state, we left Eastern Nebraska headed west for the risk area developing in North East Colorado.

As we headed west, tops of the developing supercells were clearly visible over 200 miles away.

Initially we headed towards Cheyenne then dropped south to intercept a line of promising cells. They were pulsing every few radar sweeps and just when we thought the storm was dead it burst back into life with an even greater amount of energy.

Although some brief funnels spun up, the main feature of these cells was Hail. As we passed through the edge of the core we were greeted by ping pong ball sized pieces bouncing off the roof and road however just behind just this increased to baseball size and one of some of the other chasers weren't so lucky with a few broken windshields to mend.


One distinct advantage of traveling with an experienced team like Netweather is the equipment used. The barons radar system provides the latest radar information available allowing us to get close to the action but far enough away from anything that may cause problems!

Heading further south into clear air, we had a great view of this majestic storm over the Colorado plains.


As always, for all the latest photos visit the [url="https://www.dropbox.com/sh/9qb5ckmqu727jap/pu1luZ7OFJ"]Headcorn Weather Dropbox Gallery[/url]

Sundays Chase Target looks to be Kansas... We're hoping the Wizard can deliver something special over the plains today.
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