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AWT'S Summer Forecast 2013

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A Winter's Tale


[b]JUNE...[/b] Overall, close to average or slightly above, following a settled and warm start, the unsettled period should prevail for another week or two (with some bright and warm interludes at times) before possibly turning drier and warmer later in the month. Temperatures 0.5C below to 0.75C above average. CET 14.9C. Rainfall generally 85-90%. Possibly some thundery downpours at times. Sunshine between 5-10% above average.

[b]JULY...[/b] An overall warm month, at times hot with the possibility of heatwaves - mainly in the south - but there is also a possibility of some unsettled and cool spells inbetween. The best of the heat and settled conditions is expected for the latter half of the month - at times humid and thundery. Temperatures 0.25 to 1.25 above average. CET 17.0C. Rainfall 65-85% across southern regions, 75- 90% north west. Sunshine 5-15% above average.

[b]AUGUST[/b][b]... [/b]Average or slightly above. Some warm or hot spells, possibly frequent but fairly brief. Atlantic low pressure could be influential at times and possibly some cooler and unsettled weather to make for an average month temperature wise. Temperatures 0.25 below to 0.5C above average. Rainfall 85-90% in the south to 95% in the north west. Sunshine 0-5% above average.


Second week: Unsettled with rain affecting many parts of the British Isles, some windy weather too but there should also be some sunny and clear spells from time to time for some parts. Temperatures below the norm.
Third week: Staying unsettled with some flooding possible in prone areas. Possibly drier in the far north west. Potentially turning a little settled later with temperatures on the rise.
Final week: Generally more settled with just a few showers in places at times and the odd front affecting the very west. Sunny and calm conditions and quite warm temperatures and at times hot.


First week: After some unsettled weather, it should turn more settled with much warmer and drier conditions. Temperatures by the end of the period could be in the high 20s in the south.
Second week: Staying settled and warm or hot for much of the period. Temperatures on occasions could reach the low 30s in some locations in the south. Mostly dry other than the odd shower and plenty of sunshine for most.
Third week: Possibly starting unsettled but low pressure may then make enrodes from the NW bringing some changeable conditions with some precipitation to NWrn areas. It may stay warmer and drier in southern and eastern areas but low pressure should be more influential as the period goes on.
Final week: Possibly starting changeable with periods of rainfall at times. Temperatures possibly a little disapointing but it could be warm in any sunny intervals. Turning more settled and warmer later.


Second week: Intially quite bright with a mixture of sunshine/cloud but there is also the risk of showers. Pleasant temperatures in the sunshine -especially in the south. Low pressure making enrodes into the NW bringing unsettled and wetter conditions. Later, high pressure may bring settled and warm conditions across England and Wales whilst Scotland and NI remain prone to rainfall and stay cool.
Third week: Starting mostly settled and warm in the south whilst northern areas remain cooler and more unsettled. Then, it may turn more settled and warm/hot for most before becoming thundery and humid.
Final week: A changeable period, with a chance of one or two brief warm spells and some dry weather but also a likelyhood for unsettled conditions resulting in some wet, windy and cool weather from time to time.
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