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My Weather Diary of April 2013

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A Winter's Tale


April 1st: After an amazing March which rounded-off and was the highlight of an interesting and consistent season for cold and snow, we now enter the month April and are now into April. However with the never-ending winter of 2012/2013 and a memorable March, the landscape is still stuck in winter with snow on the Campsies and some drifts remaining on the walls and the countryside and vedgetation remain in winter with litte growth. April is very much a Spring month and right at the middle of the cross-over from winter to summer. This means for a variety in weather, longer daylight hours and a stronger sun making for pleasant conditions and further plant growth. Last April was a cold one with a number of frosts and also a snowfall whilst the year before was a record breaking mild one. I don't mind which side of the average this months ends up, but I'd like Spring 2013 properly get under way with the final huraah for winter and the first signs of sumer and the unique variablity but also tranquility of the Spring weather. At Glasgow airport, 15C hasn't been reached whilst 20C was recorded in late March last year. The first 15C and 20C is something to look out for aswell as the last proper frosts and hopefully a final snowfall to conclude a very decent winter. But I also hope that the weather makes for interesting days and events to summarise in this diary and also to look back on in a review. Today, started with an air frost and a low of -2C at Glasgow airport. A maximum temperature of only 7C which is colder than all of previous maximum values in April since 2008 at the airport. However, today felt Spring-like in the glorious sunshine albeit it felt chilly in the wind at times. The light also had a tinge of Spring to it despite how vedgetation is far from where it should be and the top of the Campsies are covered in snow. A nice, chilly but largely clear April evening too. Some more air frosts to come in the next few days and hopefully some sunshine too. The prolonged period of below average temperature look set to stay for a few more days at least, rather settled conditions too, but perhaps around a third of the way through the month there could be a change to something new.

April 2nd: A very cold night with a low of -5C in the early hours which is the joint coldest April temperature at Glasgow airport since 1973. Braemar recorded a low of -11.2C, which is the coldest April temperature in many years and lower than February's coldest temperature of -10C. A glorious start before some cloud cover rolled in from the east. I thought I saw one or two flakes of snow but I cab't confirm. Maximum temperature of 7C making for a chilly April day. Skies cleared around dusk allowing for a cold evening with a very cold looking sky. Right now, -2C and partly clear and another cold night is on the cards. The below average and settled conditions should last for a few more days before low pressure moves in.

April 3rd: An extremely cold start with a low of -6C at Glasgow airport which I believe is the coldest April temperature from available records. An absolutely glorious, but quite chilly April day with a little breeze, fantastic Spring sunshine and blue skies with just a few passing clouds. I even played tennis for the first time in 2013. Maximum temperature 9C which is a little below average. Staying on the cold and settled side for the next few days but I'm intruiged to see what's coming next with the change in pattern commencing next week.

April 4th: A low of 0C with some partly cloudy skies, even a few spots of rain. However it was another glorious morning, feeling a bit milder but the maximum was only 9C (it's been over a month since 10C was recorded at Glasgow airport). Some nice bright and clear periods this afternoon and evening but there were also some cloudier periods at times too and a similar story tonight. Settled, chilly theme continuing.... a change to something more unsettled next week.

April 5th: Another beautiful but rather chilly Spring day. A low of 0C, but rising to 9C in the strong Spring sunshine. A really sunny and stunning day with clear, Spring skies. I went for a drive in the evening towards Aberfoyle. The landscape and countryside is still stuck in late winter with no plant growth and snow patches on the mountains. Some parts of the sky looked a bit wintry at sunset, especially looking east above the snow-covered Campsies with a little bit of a pink haze on the horizon, but the stronger light, and longer time between sunset and dusk has a seasonal element to it aswell. It's certainly remarkable how this year, nature seems to be a month or so behind where it should be and gven the persistence of the below average conditions, it has the feeling of late winter rather than early April. A cold night to come, another decent day tomorrow, low pressure trying to move in next week but it could stay cold in Scotland for a while.

April 6th: -5C low at Glasgow airport with a clear, cold and stunning Spring morning. Some clouds rolled over during the afternoon making it bit darker and bringing a few spots of rain. Went on a drive to Lochgoilhead and it was very chilly in the wind, the land still stuck in winter with only a few daffodils and hills covered in snow. Maximum temperature of 9C at Glasgow airport maintains the cold experienced so far this Spring. Some snow in northern Scotland too. Staying cold into next week which should complete an exceptional but very strange first half to Spring that has been unusually and persistently cold for Spring standards. The second half to the season could be very different but it will sure but fascninating to see how the rest of Spring 2013 unfolds.

April 7th: Minimum temperature above freezing at 1C, maximum 9C again but it was colder today around 5-8pm with some cloud cover thanks to a front in the north of the country which has brought some snow today. Some pleasant sunshine for a time in the afternoon. Currently cloudy so perhaps no air frost tonight but it looks like staying cold during the next few days, some sunshine at times and maybe some precipitation in the easterly wind.

April 8th: A cold day with a maximum of 7C, some cloud cover and an easterly wind making it feel even colder. It did clear up a bit in the evening allowing for a cold looking dusk sky. Some snow showers for north in the country. Cold theme to last up until the weekend with the models agreeing on southerly winds finally ending this amazing run of unseasonably cold weather.

April 9th: A really nice bit quite chilly April day with pleasant Spring sunshine and clear, blue skies lasting well into the evening but it felt a bit chilly in the breeze and the maximum temperature failed to reach 10C with a max of 8C, min of 0C - cloudier now. Really impressive Spring this year, the theme is going to last for a few more days this week before southerly winds bring milder temperatures for the weekend.

April 10th: Maximum of 8C and a minimum of -2C at the airport concludes a particulary cold first third to April 2013, but this morning's conditions did not fit in well with the dry theme of recent days. Cloudy skies brought spells of rain during the morning with some rather wet conditions in heavy bursts and there was even some hail, part of a group of showers coming in from the east. Then in the afternoon it did clear up and was brighter, albeit quite hazy but now, the sky is seemingly overcast. A day or two more of this period then a change for the weekend with southerly winds,.

April 11th: 8C/3C at Glasgow airport thanks to cloud cover which allowed for a pretty dull and damp day compared to recent weeks. Feeling cold, especially in the wind. But it will be turning milder for once, but it will also be quite unsettled.
April 12th: Another dull and damp day with quite heavy rain at times in the morning and some drizzle throughout. Max/min of 7/2C and another cold feeling day. It should turn milder over the coming days with double digit maximum for the first time since early March.
April 13th: This time last year, the warmest temperature of 2012 was 20C in late March. Today was the joint warmest of 2013 with a high of 12C! And it was the first day with double digit temperatures since the very start of March. It just shows what an interesting year and very unusual spring we are having, and April has been very chilly so far with minimum temperatures as low as -6C at Glasgow airport which makes for a potent finale to the winter season. Today's minimum was 4C, the mildest for some time. Southerly winds helped to bring milder uppers but there was some sunshine earlier before cloud cover arrived later, the wind also increased and there has been some persistent rainfall this evening. For the coming days, it is certainly going to be much milder compared to Spring 2013 so far, and it will be interesting to see when we get the first proper warm day of 2013 with maximum above 15C, aswell as the next, possibly last chilly weather to add the cold conditions thexperienced in the first third of April.
April 14th: The warmest day of the year sa high of 15C at Glasgow airport (low of 9C) anda high of 22C in SE England.. The last time it reached 15C here was on the 21st October. Pretty windy too with a few strong gusts. The sun did come out at times too and clear/cloudy intervals and there was a brief bit of rain late in the afternoon. Mostly cloudy now. Further strong winds to come, possibly some precipitation but it is staying milder than of late but there could be a return to chilly conditions.
April 15th: Another mild (and windy day) with a high of 14C and a low of 8C. Some clear intervals with scattered clouds but temporarily cloudier at times which resulted in a brief rain shower in the afternoon before clearing. The look of the sky abd sunshine certainly looks very different to the past few weeks and it seems that spring plant growth is starting to get underway with the milder and wetter weather recently. Another persistent area of precipitation has arrived later this evening and is now bringing rain.
April 16th: Not quite as mild as previous days with a high of 11C, and under clear skies recently, 5C has been recorded at Glasgow airport. There was some cloud and rain early on and it was really windy too with quite strong gusts but it is pretty calm now. Things cleared up in the afternoon and evening with a few scattered clouds and a shower. Some pleasant April sunshine which brings a different look to the sky and light compared to previous weeks when the air was colder, and as a result Spring growth is starting to catch up. Right now, it is a nice calm, clear Spring night with the stars out and just a few scattered clouds moving across the sky. Another spell of rain tomorrow, but becoming more settled later this week with temperatures close to average.
April 17th: A thoroughly miserable start with heavy, persistent rain and some drizzle. Quite calm compared to yesterday but since this evening there has been a return to some strong gusts. Max of 12C earlier, low of 3C making for average April temperatures. It briefly cleared up a bit early evening/late afternoon with some bluu skies but since then there has been some showers. Temperatures staying close to average, possibly some more sunshine further into the week.
April 18th: There was rain overnight but it ended up a calmer day with some brightness but also some cloudier intervals aswell as the odd shower. Minimum of 8C and maximum of 11C. Partly cloudy just now and it could be a chilly night and tomorrow should be a pleasant April day, Saturday doesn't look too bad either but rain could return again for Sunday.
Aprol 19th: A cold night with a low of 1C under clear skies. It turned out to be a very nice April day with a high ogf 12C, a little breeze, feeling very pleasant in the glorious Spring sunshine with only just a few small clouds scattered across the sky. With a front edging southwards towards Scotland, cloud cover has just increased a bit and tomorrow should be a cloudier day followed by rain on Sunday and potentially a chilly week to follow.
April 20th: Not the same clear blue skies as yesterday but it was a bright day after a cold clear start with an overnight low of 2C. Kind of hazy looking clear patches in the sky and some clouds blowing around; a stronger breeze than yesterday. Maximum of 14C continues the more seasonal theme after the cold start to the month. Cloud cover gradually increased during the evening with the cold front nearing, so a wet night is ahead but things are expected to clear up tomorrow but for next week there could be some more rain at times in Scotland.

April 21st: After cloud and a spell of rain overnight lasting into the morning, it turned out to be a decent day with a high of 12C, calm conditions and some clear intervals with some scattered clouds with cloudier periods during some passing showers. On an evening drive around the Clyde, then toward Irvine and the moon and stars are out in the clear parts of the sky. This evening recorded a low of 5C. Temperatures fairly close to average during the next couple of days with some rain at times.

April 22nd: A low of 6C in the eraly hours and a dry, calm night. It was cloudy later in the morning and early afternoon with some rainfall but some clear intervals and sunshine made an appearance early in the evening before turning windy with some rain around 8pm. Maximum 12C. Now, calmer, drier with some clear patches from time to time. The next few days could be on the chilly side with some rain from time time.

April 23rd: 12C maximum and 8C minimum - much colder in Scotland than further south. Some cloud cover and showers with some clearer intervals at times but there were more clear skies during a time in the evening in which the moon could be seen. Turning clouider now with a band of rain arriving. Turning colder over the coming days with some showers.

April 24th: After overnight rain it turned out to be a decent day with clouds breaking apart allowing for clear and sunny intervals in the afternoon and evening - calm conditions too. A quiet night but overcast now.Max/min of 12/6C. Turning colder, possibly some overnight frosts and the threat of showers with thunder and hail.

April 25th: A front brought rain which lasted into the morning after a low of 5C. It then brightened up with some very pleasant Spring sunshine and blue skies with some clouds scattered but also some sharp April showers at times too. Maximum of 11C which is on the chilly side, growth on trees and hedges is still behind schedule but at least nature is somewhat representive of the time of year. Some chilly and showery April weather for the next few days.

April 26th: A chilly day (11/3C), with some brightness but also some regular and quite heavy showers, some of which included hail. A chilly night to come but a nice, dry day should follow before a front edges in from the north west later. Still looking cold for the time of year though for next week.

April 27th: Stil chilly at 12/2C but with some glorious Spring sunshine and fairly calm too but a front coming in from the NW has increased cloud cover during the evening. Some rain overnight, another chilly day tomorrow but should turn brighter with some showers.

April 28th: Another chilly, showery Spring day with showers of rain, hail and even some sleet in the evening. Some pleasant Spring sunshine and blue skies with scattered clouds but there were also heavy showers. Maximum/minimum of 11/4C making for a chilly day for the time of year in what has been a chilly Spring. Tomorrow, staying chilly, bright with some showers but maybe later in the coming week there maybe more cloudier and persistent rainfall.

April 29th: A nice day with some clouds scattered across a clear, blue Spring sky with plenty of sunshine too. Still chilly at 12/5C and with less showers than yesterday. A lovely evening and night - very calm, chilly and with a clear and starry sky. Final day of the month should also be a nice one but maybe some rain to start April and the chilly theme to the Spring weather this year may continue into the start of May.

April 30th: The final day of what has been another chilly April and at Glasgow airport there has been 9 days of 0C or lower minimum including an impressive -6C, and maximum temperature failed to reach 10C on the first 12 days of the month. The maximum temperature was 15C. There has been a mixture of dry, sunny Spring days to rather windy and wet spells but on the whole Spring has recovered from the exceptional cold of March, but this month has been April of a chilly variety. Today was a glorious April day after the first frost in weeks with the temperature at 0C, possibly the last of 0C minimum until autumn. A maximum temperature of 13C in the glorious Spring sunshine with only a few scattered clouds. A pleasant evening but now cloud has increased with a weak cold front moving down from the north. Some rain overnight followed by some sunshine tomorrow. A chilly start to May seems likely with some spells of rain but there are signs of it briefly turning settled.
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