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My Weather Diary of March 2013

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A Winter's Tale


1st March: Welcome to the first day of Spring! Spring 2012 was a season of contrasts with a dry March with record breaking warmth, a dramatic turnaround with a cold, showery April with a snowfall early in the month, a very unsettled start to May before a return to record breaking heat at the end. This year, Spring follows what has been a cold winter with the first snowfall in late October. Between now and the end of May, we'll see a great transition in the weather and nature. We may see the last snowfall of the 12/13 season and the first 20C of the year aswell as seeing the last frost. There may also be dramatic contrasts from cold mornings to warm days etc. The great variety of weather, elements of both late winter and early summer aswell as contrasts and quiet, pleasant weather types and other wonderful rituals and characteristics makes this a very special time of the year. March, can be an extension of winter and nornally has up to 10 days with an air frost and some snowfalls, but as we go through the month the transition will continue further and like last year, we could experience a few warm days. But for now, it remains a mystery as to what the weather will do this coming month but this diary should give a good idea of the conditions and experiences and progression of the weather this month. Today, started where February left off. The settled, dry and pleasant spell continues and this spell could turn out to be quite a notable one to look back on come the end of the year. It was mostly cloudy overnight, however before dawn the skies cleared and the temperature dropped to a low of -2C and combined with wall to wall blue skies and sunshine, it made for a typical morning in early Spring. And indeed, it was another glorious day and the temperature rose quickly after sunrise with a maximum of 10C in the afternoon. There were a few clouds scattered around in the afternoon but after sunset, the sky was clear, making for a cold, calm and starry evening. Temperature is now below freezing again and it's another wonderful late winter's/early Spring night. Tomorrow should be another day with an air frost, but there could be some cloud cover around but some sunny intervals are likely so it could turn out to be another decent day. The settled spell should continue for the following days but perhaps not quite as sunny and the run of frosty nights should also end. Eventually there may be some precipitation next week and it may turn milder with winds coming from the south, off the continent.

2nd March: A minimum of -2C in the early hours under clear skies, it turned cloudier later in the night but today was another dry one with some more glorious Spring sunshine and blue skies before cloud cover made enrodes later in the afternoon leaving a more overcast evening. Maximum temperature of 12C as this impressive settled spell continues. It should stay dry for a few more days, probably less in the way of frosts. A hint that later next week there could be colder air thanks to high pressure to the north but that's a long way off.

3rd March: Another dry day, but rather quiet, benign and dull with grey, overcast skies for just about the entire day. The temperature failed to get above 8C and below 5C. The run of air frosts has ended, but the dry and settled period should continue for a few more days at least, however during next week it finally looks like there'll be some rain around. Uncertainty grows as we go through next week but there are signs of it turning colder from the east. Something to keep an eye on.

4th March: And the dry/settled spell goes on. A quiet day overall. Not particulary cold this morning, very calm and quite benign with a sheet of grey cloud cover and not particulary outstanding visibility either. A maximum temperature of 8C. For a time in the afternoon there was a brief hint of a hazy sky rather than overcast and it became a bit brighter. Quite chilly this evening, with a minimum temperature of 0C. Tomorrow should start of cold with another dry day instore but from midweek onwards we should see the first proper rainfall since mid February. Further on and there is a sign of things turning colder and possibly cold enough for a final hurrah of the winter.

5th March: A cold start with a low of -3C. In the hazy March sunshine, the temperature rose to 9C in what was one of the last days of the settled spell that started around the 17th February. Tomorrow should start off dry but there may be some patchy light rain. For the remainder of the week, there should some rain around and feeling raw in a strong and cold easterly flow and then into next week, there could well be a return to winter weather. It'll be fascinating to see how Spring 2013 evolves and there's still plenty of it left.

6th March: Quite a dull day, grey day and feeling cold with a stronger breeze and with maxima/minima at 6/3C. But the long run of dry days ended with patchy rain moving north during the evening. Not all that pleasant out there and there could be further rain tomorrow. A cold and raw end to the week and during this weekend, it seems like winter will bite back with sub -10C uppers. Genuine potential of quite significant cold conditions and possible significant snowfalls too.

7th March: Not a pleasant day at all. A freezing cold and strong easterly wind, very poor visibility, grey, dark and with patchy rain and maximum/minimum of 7/5C. Tomorrow could have further rainfall and certainly the easterly wind will be here. And it will turn much colder this weekend with sub -10C uppers in the easterly so certainly a sharp and significant return to winter with possibly very cold weather and some snow. This is something to follow closely.

8th March: Today's weather was pretty unpleasant with a maximum/minimum of 5/4C, a brisk and bone-chilling easterly wind, some rain and overcast skies. A reminder how it can be very much like winter in March. Tomorrow should be cloudy, cold with a strong easterly wind. Sunday should be even colder, possibly some brightness but also with the threat of snow showers with the very cold uppers. It also looks like staying cold into next week so it will be very interesting to find out what sort of weather will unfold over the coming days. One thing's for sure that March 2013 is turning out to be different from the very mild March last year.

9th March: Another raw day with a bone chilling easterly, grey skies and some rain earlier . Maximum temperature of 4C is a reminder of how winter weather very much exists in March more often than not. This coming spell however is a bit more significant than any old chilly day. Very cold uppers in a fresh easterly flow - particulary on Sunday - would make for a bitterly cold weather. Air temperature very similar to a cold day in winter but combined with the wind and it may feel like -5C. Another characteristic is the theme of sunshine combined with 'wintry showers'. For the next 24hrs or so, the showers could be hit or miss and heavier and more organised in some areas than others, but I expect plenty of excitement in here - especially in eastern parts - with some places in the firing line for classic north sea convection and maybe some beefy showers with cumulonimbus clouds. The radar should reveal everything, convective activity may vary across the eastern counties but prepare yourself for something a little more active than the scenarios illustrated by BBC forecasts. As for here in the western end of the central belt, I'll settle for seeing some snow flurries but I'll hope that there'll be enough convective activity for rather prolonged and beefy showers to feed through the forth-clyde valley. A heavy snowfall with some accumilations would make for a delightful end to a decent 2012/2013 season but I'm happy with just getting the March snowfall in the bag and hearing reports of the events in the high-risk areas. Last year, the last significant snowfall was in early April with the last snowflakes in lowland Scotland falling in early May. This season, the fun started earlier in late October and it'll be intruiging to see how late the snow will finish this time round. It'll be a pleasure to see the rest of this Spring unfold with the last of the winter weather, the tranquility of normal Spring days and the first warmth. Just about all of us enjoyed that exceptional warm and sunny spell in late March last year, perhaps it'll be closer to a March 2006 this year rather than 2012, but hopefully there'll be a few warmer days as April goes on and a dry, sunny and warm May like 2008 or 2000 would be just lovely.

10th March: One of the most memorable days of the 2012/2013. Today was a classic example of the sort of proper winter weather that can happen in March in Scotland. Very cold uppers between -10C and -15C with a brisk north easterly flow. This morning I woke up to a light snow flurry followed by a brief shower that brought some of the heaviest snowfalls I've ever seen. A few more snow flurries and in the afternoon I went over to Fife. On the journey there were a few more heavy snow showers, some lying snow in Fife, especially on the high ground and some wonderful winter scenes with snow covered landscapes and sunshine. The valley around Falkland and Cupar was snowless but I spent the evening at my relatives and watched the frequent snow showers roll over the house and indeed across the region with vistas across Fife and south towards Edinburgh. An impressive winter sky with classic colours of a winter sunset/dusk, aswell as seeing snow rolling in across the area and in the clearer patches the structure of cumulonimbus clouds were visible. It seemed that the activity was dying off in the evening when I left Fife with a clearer sky and a starry evening. And a very cold evening too with sub-zero temperatures and a bone-chilling wind chill. There was more snow on the lowground of Fife but depths of only around a cm. There was snow on the ground on the other side of the Forth Road Bridge and then I discovered that the snow shower activity was still in business. The M 8 motorway from the road bridge to Harthill was tricky was snowfall and some lying snow on the road and also some snow blowing around. Then we left the snow showers behind but I was surprised to find that snow depths of around a cm or two remained fairly constant as we approched Glasgow. It was green when I left Dunbartonshire but by the time I had got back there was a cm of icy, sparkling snow on all surfaces and a return to a winter wonderland. The 4th decent lying snow event this season but possibly the best day for lying snow here in March since 2006. Another mini-blizzard arrived and dumped another cm. March often offers at least one snowfall here, and ths year it hasn't disapointed. After a decent winter, the desire for significant snowfall isn't as great at this time of year but today certainly rounded off a good season for snow and cold. And there was plenty of snow showers elsewhere in Scotland, particulary in the east and many areas have a depth of some sort but the NE was worst hit with a couple of inches in some places. An ice day for a few locations too. An excellent day for winter's weather in March. Maximum temperature at Glasgow airport 4C, now the minimum is -3C. A very cold night is in store, another cold day is in store too. The cold theme could last, but perhaps maximum temperatures may not be below 5C and the snow cover may melt in the stronger sunshine. However, I look forward to updating tomorrow on the wintry weather here and elsewhere.

11th March: This is turning out to be a very significant period for winter weather as we near mid-March. Maximum of 3C at Glasgow airport is one of the coldest for a March day since I can remember. Minimum of -4C. Some snow flurries in the north easterly throughout the day until the afternoon but this could possibly be the last time I see snow here this season. The sort of day that would not have felt or looked out of place during the depths of winter except the time/length of daylight puts into perspective that it is Spring. And the snow cover has mostly gone away from shaded areas because of the strength of the sunshine. Further east however there were further heavy snow showers and accumilations aswell as some distruption in quite an active day for winter weather. One of the coldest nights of the season too with minima in the highlands close to -13C and an ice day in some spots. More snow showers for England today and an area of low pressure brining a snowstorm to France has brought lots of snow to the Channel Islands aswell as affecting south eastern parts of England. A very cold night is on store after a sunny, very cold and wintry March day. The coming days are set to be chilly but this could be the last of the significant winter weather of the 2012/2013 season.

12th March: Very cold last night with -8C reported at Glasgow airport which is the joint coldest temperature of the 2012/2013 season and the last time there was a colder minimum there was in December 2010. There was still some patches of lying snow in shaded areas, about a third of my garden was covered which probably isn't enough to count as a lying snow day. Once the sun was up the temperature rose above freezing with a maximum of 8C. Some sunny intervals throughout the day, now a clear and cold night with the temperature already below freezing. Some snow showers elsewhere today, minimum temperature below -10C somewhere last night and some significant distruption in Sussex after a snowfall which was the worst in the Channel Islands for possibly 30 or so years. It's always nice to see some late winter conditions and Spring snowfall at this time of year but this spell in some sense has been pretty exceptional. Some snow showers tonight for parts of Scotland exposed to the northerly wind. The cold/chilly Spring weather look set to persist throughout the middle-third of this month. There may be brief spells of less cold uppers, such as later this week but in general, if the current synoptic theme continues then uppers should be below -5C for the best part of the next 10 or so days. A prolonged cold spell for Spring standards, but with the strength of the sun maximum temperatures could be close to the average. But certainly, it will be interesting to see how things end up, there is the potential for this month to be pretty cold overall and is already looking like being a very different month compared to this time last year.

13th March: A very pleasant and typical March day. Bright with clear/sunny intervals and a few light snow flurries in the afternoon in a northerly airstream. After a cold start, the maximum temperature was close to the average at 7C with a stronger sun. Minimum temperature -4C this evening under clear skies. Another cold night to come before a front moves in from the west. This will bring precipitation but it could fall as snow for a time. A wetter period is likely with temperatures close to average but generally the synoptic pattern looks good for colder uppers to persist for the coming week or so some more chilly and possibly wintry weather yet Springlike conditions with any sunshine. The season for snowfall here has been of a good length from the 26th October, today there was a few light flurries but at this time of year it's impossible to judge whether a snowfall will be the last of the season.

14th March: A cold start with a low of -3C. Cloud cover rolled in with the arrival of fronts off the atlantic. In the morning initially it was cloudy, cold with some patchy drizzle although there could have been some snow - however snow did fall in other parts of the country this morning for a time - and then some heavier precipitation arrived which resulted in some pretty wet and driech conditions throughout the day - maximum temperature of 7C and an overcast night and currently 5C. However clearer and showery air should arrive tomorrow, a bit unsettled for the weekend but next week there could be a return to a wintry element to the Spring weather.

15th March: Low pressure is now in control and will continue to do so for the coming days. Today, had fairly typical March weather with some regular showers and pleasant sunny spells inbetween with scattered clouds across the sky - temperatures close to average at 7/1C. A cold evening too with the odd shower and some clear intervals. There could be some snow to low levels in Scotland tomorrow as precipitation moves northwards overnight but any accumilations should be over the high ground. With low pressure in charge, there is a real mixture of weather from distinct areas of precipitation, a wintry mix in showers and some sunshine in areas and even fog in some valleys. Precipitattion over the weekend and into the early part of next week could fall as snow across parts of the UK and into next week with an easterly flow it looks like staying on the cold and wintry side in Scotland. Some interesting weather this weekend and possibly more interesting Spring weather into next week and beyond with another late taste of winter.

16th March: No snowfall here today but as ever in any marginal event, the fine divide between snow and no snow from region to region is impressive. An area of precipitaton moving up from England during the morning brought light rain, cloudy skies in a benign and cold day with maximum/minimum of 4/0C at Glasgow airport. But further east in Lanarkshire, the Lothians and some other areas some heavy snow did fall but the majority of any accumilations was on the higher ground. A chilly, calm but overcast night here just now a very wintry element to the weather continues for the coming days with quite low temperatures and a wintry mix in the precipitation. There's lots of potential regarding the upcoming period and it'll be interesting to see just how sharp or significant this could be for winter weather this late in the season.

17th March: Quite a similar day to yesterday with quite cold temperatures for this time of year (6/1C). Grey and showery throughout the day and feeling cold too, the precipitation here was mostly of rain and at times was quite heavy. However, recently an area of precipitation moving in from the east brought a wintry element and some bursts of snow. The easterly winds look like persisting for the forseeable and this week is staying cold and with wintry and snowy weather - especially in eastern areas. March 2013 is turning out to be very different from last year and it'll be intruiging to see what sort of temperatures and snowfall events we will experience in the coming days.

18th March: An active day. It started similar to the weekend with grey skies, quite cold with a stronger wind today, and some precipitation coming in from the east that was a mix of rain/sleet/snow. In the afternoon, as precipitation changed to fine snow, after a high of 5C with colder uppers arriving, there was finally some clear intervals and even some brightness in a constanly changing sky in the brisk north easterly wind. Convection increased progressively in the afternoon and evening with snow showers affecting many areas. Here there were regular snow showers but no accumilations but further east, in the Lothians and other regions the snowfall has been and is more persistent and heavy and depths are already up to 10cm in some spots - hours before the orange warning from the Met office. Minimum temperature of 1C, and a very winry week coming up so tomorrow's update should be interesting with such exceptional weather for this stage in the month.

19th March: Very windy today with some strong gusts at times with fast moving clouds that brought regular snow flurries throughout the day. Now 31 days of snow here, and at Glasgow airport today was the 5th day of snow this month and the maximum temperature there was 4C (which is fairly exceptional for this time of year) but minimum temperature was only 1C in the mostly cloudy and windy conditions (there has already been over 10 days with an air frost this month). During the evening, there was a bit more of a sustained and quite heavy period of snow but it failed to settle on wet surfaces. In some areas, it was a similar scenario with snowfall present, but not heavy or persistent or cold enough for it settle. But for some parts, such as the Lothians and Borders there was a lot of snow, 10-15cm+ in places. At Braemar, an ice day very late in the season. Tomorrow, staying cold, quite windy but with the snow fading away, a quiet but cold day on Thursday. A bit more activity late on Thursday into the weekend with an area of low pressure pushing in, there could be a frontal snowfall is the precipitation makes it this far north. Beyond that, there's a fine line between a continuation of cold, or rather less cold conditions instead, but at the moment an easterly wind could be cold enough for a chilly final third to the month.

20th March: Quite a nice winter's/Spring day! Much less of a wind, some snow in the early hours but it turned out to be a pleasant day with a maximum temperature of 5C (that's cold for winter let alone March) and a cold, clear evening has seen a low of 0C. Some nice clear, pleasant skies today making it a decent March day with a winter's element. The Campsies looked very wintry with a covering of snow (and quite late in the season too) and there was a wee snow flurry on the hills this evening. A cold, clear evening with the moon and stars visible and just a few clouds gently rolling. Another cold and quiet day tomorrow, a front is set to arrive on Friday but there are big question marks about where it will stall. But this month has seen a fair bit of cold, and wintry weather and it looks set to stay for atleast another 7 days.. Impressive!

21st March: This could turn out to be a historical month and cettainly one to reflect on. A cold morning with a low of -2C, and maximum of 5C. Quite windy with low pressure to the south, some sunshine in the morning and early afternoon but turning cloudier in the evening - feeling very cold in the wind. Winter weather set to stay for atleast another 6 days. Tonight an area of low pressure is going to bring a lot of snow to parts of NI, N Wales and N England. There could be some snow here, if it does then 2012/2013 would equal 2010/2011 with snowfall days and if snow settles, it could be the latest I've ever seen lying snow here. And there's the potential for some pretty low maximum temperatures. The winter that just doesn't want to end.

22nd March: Across the British Isles, today was one of the most eventful for weather this year and emphasises how notable this month has been. This time last year, we were about to enter a record breaking warm spell that would help make March 2012 one of the mildest on record. This year it is a polar opposite. The front arrived here sometime before dawn and by 9am it was snowing heavily with 2cm on the ground making for the 5th decent lying snow event this year (second this month) - creating a very wintry scene- and it was the 33rd snowfall of the winter - the same as 2010/2011 - and the latest date I've seen lying snow here. It was very windy today with quite strong gusts. The snowfell almost all day long here, but the lying snow melted quite quickly. The wind and small snow flakes couldn't realy settle and the central belt was on the edge of the front. However, this evening the temperature dropped closer to 0C, the snow got a bit heavier and it began to settle and again there is lying snow of 2cm. Maximum temperature was 3C in the early hours - at Glasgow airport since 2000 the coldest maximum temperature in March was 2C in 2001. Snow fell in many areas today from the front: Northern Ireland, north Wales, southern and western Scotland and parts of northern England were hardest hit (floods in south western England). Lying snow in many areas, but over a foot in some areas and some impressive drifts. Transport was badly affected in many areas and many thousands were left without power. And the cold air is set to stay over the British Isles for coming 5-7 days or so. This month will certainly be worth looking back on. Cold and snow isn't unusal in March, but this year has been quite exceptional. I wonder what April will bring....

23rd March: Last Marc, it was the mildest on record in Scotland. At Glasgow airport it reached a record 20C. Today, the maximum temperature was 1C - the joint coldest for March since available records from 1973. 1980 was the last time the maximum was 1C and the previous coldest of my lifetime was 2C in early March 2001. This is staggering considering how late we are into the month and this month at Glasgow airport already has a very low minimum of -8C (Joint coldest of 2012/2013 and coldest of 2013), maximum of of 1C (joint coldest of 2013), 11 days with 5C or less maximum (probably a record) and around 14 days with minimum of 0C or less (with more to come) and seven days of snow (joint snowiest of 2012/2013 and 2013). And elsewhere there have been ice days, sub -10C minima -a very memorable month in what has been an interesting winter in which each month has peformed well in unique aspects. It will truly be interesting to see how the stats/facts come review. Here, everything was covered with 2cm of snow this morning and the snow continued till around lunchtime - 2012/2013 now snowier than 2010/2011. On concrete surfaces the snow has mostly gone but on all grass surfaces it is white - it's hard to judge snowdepths on grass, especially with some drifts. The Campsies were very white with massive drifts in places. The whole region is looking white with snowcovered fields making it look like mid-winter. In Torrance there was snow on all grassy surfaces and on some concrete and roofs. Latest date for lying snow that I can remember and it was a very wintry looking evening with the snowfields reflecting the orange glow of the sky. It was a cloudy day too with a strong easterly wind making it very cold. Elsewhere in the UK, the snow eased but there was severe disurption in worst hit areas with drifts higher than 10 feet in places. The cold easterly is going to stay and it is going to be fascinating to look back on this month. The March equivalent of November 2010?

24th March: A mostly cloudy day other than a few clearer intervals. Still windy, and very cold for this time of year at 3/1C. Some snow flurries in the easterly made this month the snowiest of the season. The lying snow was here in the morning but has all melted but this has truly been an exceptional period of winter weather for this time of year. Elsewhere, it was cold - Isle of Arran very badly affected by drifts. The cold easterly wind is here to stay for much of next week, maybe a snowy breakdown or further cold conditions. Very interesting to see how the final run in to the month shapes up.

25th March: 8th consecutive day of snow (and sub 5C maximum with a high of 3C and low of 1C) here today with a few flurries. Another really cold day too but the wind has now eased somewhat. Quite cloudy too other than a bit of brightness earlier for a brief time. It's hard to believe that this time last year we were all enjoying that record-breaking warm spell with temperatures into the 20s in many areas. A year later, maximum temperatures are barely exceeding 3C (even for the likes of Tiree) and some of the most prolonged and 'deep' cold in March, occuring during the second half - a very different scenario to the usual share of northerly incursions or polar mariime air. One of the other weird aspects of this month is how Spring never really started - other than some of those glorious days back in that settled spell at the end of February - and we are enduring conditions that are akin to a decent cold spell in the depths of winter. March is renowned for its taste of late winter weather, but nothing on this insane level.

26th March: And the never ending winter goes on. This time last year it hit 20C at Glasgow airport, today the maximum temperature was 4C and a minimum of -2C. The statistics get even more exceptional. At the airport today was the 9th consecutive day of sub 5C maximum and here, my snow diary has recorded a 9th consecutive day of snowfall. The easterly wind was not a strong as it has been in recent days but it feed fairly regular snow showers off the north sea but with some lovely sunshine inbetween - some heavy showers too with some graupel. A very cold and wintry looking/feeling evening with a clear starry sky with the moon. It really is a glorious combination of the light of Spring and conditions and atmosphere of winter. Other than some daffodils, vedgetation hasn't gone into Spring mode yet. The cold weather will see-out the rest of the month but further snowfall, the sort of temperatures and how long the weather pattern will last remains to be seen.

27th March: Some very cold temperatures at Glasgow airport in the early hours with a low of -5C (probably the last for the season). The maximum temperature was 5C so that is 10 days in a row with sub 5C maximum -amazing considering how this time last year it was 20C - snow showers were regular and for a time around 6am there was actually a cm of lying snow which should be the last of the season. Some glorious sunny and bright intervals today but with regular and heavy snow showers. A cold calm evening with a partly clear sky and the moon is out. I'm not sure whether there'll be further snow here and another sub 5C day but it looks like staying on the cold and settled side into easter weekend.

28th March: A lovely wintry and settled late March day. It started with a stream of snow showers through the central belt that left a covering of around a cm in Bearsden but closer to 3cm in Torrance - once again, very imressive to have lying snow this late in the season and the run of consecutive days of snowfall has been exceptional. March 2013 has become only the third month since the start of the millenium to have 10 or more snow days at Glasgow airport (on December 2009 has had more by 2). A repeat of yesterday when the strong Spring sun melted the snow very quickly (even more so than earlier this month which is inevitable). It was a truly lovely day with lots of lovely winter's sunshine and blue skies with only just a few clouds whilst the Campsies and landscape still looked like we were still in winter. It was the first day since the 17th to have a maximum temperature above 5C with a high/low of 6C/-1C which is still below average. A very wintry and atmospheric dusk up in the Campsies with the frozen and snowy hillsides and a cold, clear and starry sky with an orange haze on the horizon, a sharper light blue to the west and a darker but less sharp blue to the east above the snow-covered hills as night-time rolled in from the west. A cold and lovely starry evening/night - a bit cloudier now. This month has been incredible for its weather which is reflected in amazing stats so iit will be interesting to see what the overall values are but it is certain that this March will be one of the coldest (and snowiest) on record. Today may have seen the last snow of the season (maybe even the last sub 5C maximum yesterday) but for the remainder of the month and into April it is set to stay on chilly side but very pleasant under an area of high pressure allowing for nice conditions during the day and frosty nights,

29th March: Another beautiful day and very typical of a late cold spell in March. A very cold night with a low of -5C in the early hours and there was even a light snow shower in the morning which continues this amazing run of snow days. Maximum temperature of 6C in the glorious Spring sunshine but that value is still below average for this time of year. Another wintry sunset/dusk - I was near Gourock where the Clyde looked fantastic and so did the land and the sky was some snow on the hills to the north. Staying on the chilly side but it will be dry, settled and sunny for the coming days.

30th March: Quite similar to yesterday with a low of -6C, a high of 6C, feeling pleasant in the Spring sunshine but also some cloudier spells. There was a breif snow flurry in the afternoon which should be the last of an exceptional run of snow-days - the longest that I can remember. At Glasgow airport, with 11 snowfalls, since 2000 only December 2009 had more snow days than this month and 2012/2013 season is joint-top for snow days since 2000. The only thing this month has lacked is a few other records and a big snowfall like the frontal event in March 2006. Last year was exceptional but in my experience this month has to go down as the most interesting I've ever experienced and the season 2012/2013 has also been a very interesting and decent one (and pretty long too with cold weather present since the end of September). Some more settled, sunny days and cold, frosty nights to come. It'll be a shame to see a return to wetter atlantic weather but this spell has been enjoyable but Spring has to turn up eventually - although despite below average temperatures, the coming days may look and feel a bit more like Spring.

31st March - Easter Sunday: Now BST. A low of -2C making it the 20th day with minimum of 0C or lower at Glasgow airport (which I think is the highest of the season) and a maximum temperature of 6C (still below average for the time of year as the prolonged cold period continues but quite as potent as it was earlier this month). Some sunshine earlier in the morning, feeling quite pleasant but it was a bit cloudier in the afternoon and early evening before turing clear - but hazy - just now. At Braemar last night it dropped to a low of -12.5C which the coldest ever Easter Sunday temperature. It has been a remarkable month for many reasons and it's hard to collect all of the amazing statistics of this month. Certainly one of the coldest, snowiest and most notable March's and the most interesting I've ever experienced in what has been a long and a good winter.
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