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Tights (and Fat Thighs)

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Hello everyone who bothers to read my blog and the exciting life I lead.....Yesterday, we went to The Hop Farm in Paddock Wood (Kent) Won't bore you with the details. All you need to know is I wasnt eaten by a goat. (Although a peacock did take liking to me) Not only that, but I didnt wear tights yesterday, and thats the whole point of my blog entry. (gosh - managed to avoid a waffling moment!)Today, we went to Howletts Zoo (in Kent again, funny enough)Had a lovely day, saw some tigers, gorillas (and some CUTE baby gorillas that I shall add to my gallery later) along with some Elephants and Rhinos.The only blip in my lovely day out is I decided to wear a skirt. Whats the problem I hear you all cry? The problem is, I have fat thighs that merge at the top and chaff during a hot summers day (like today). Pah, I'm an old hand at this (or so I thought)..... I'll wear a pair of tights under my skirt, that will not only give off the impression of a slinky sexy tanned leg look, but will also help against blisters caused by chaffing skin. (or so I thought)Only problem was, the tights I put on must have been a tad too small for my height. When I pulled the elastic up (to just underneath my rib cage) the crutch of the tight only reached just above my knee (MC Hammer, eat your heart out ((a decade too late)). After 4 hours of walking around Howletts zoo (well, hobbling around after 2 hours) I ended up with rather sore thighs, which are still rather painful now.We are off to Dymchurch (beach on the Kent coast) tomorrow. I shall be wearing shorts (not MC Hammer stylee) to avoid any more unessessary (sp) injury to me.

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I have strange mental images of you hobbling around singing a medley of the world's worst 80's hits.

Dearie dearie me! :D

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