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Well, have just come back from a lovely day at the Beach. Had a fabarooni time (I really must stop watching the Tweenies) the weather was perfect (a tad hot in my jeans - but not boiling) and the sun went in the clouds every now and again giving some rest bite. (trust me to have left my sunglasses at home)After being slightly traumatized on the drive down there by a squashed badger on the A21 (poor little thing) and a couple of run over phesants, we parked the car (eventually!) and headed straight off for lunch (as you are probably becomming aware, I love my grub) Mini-Raven had spag bol, Mr Raven had veggie burger and chips, and I had savaloy and chips (what the hell is in a savaloy..... or is it one of those things you shouldn't ask without the answer putting you off for life?)We then headed for the fayre (sorry... is that the Victorian spelling of it?) (after passing the tattoo shop 4 times - courage failed me so I didnt walk in :blink: ) The only ride mini-raven talked me into going on was the ghost train, which, incidently isnt any more scarier than it was when I last went on it in 1983.Lastly, we went on the pebbly beach, which was slightly down hill to get to the sea..... and me, rather foolishly wearing my heeled boots, nearly went tumbling towards the tide. Thankfully I had already eaten my 99 icecream, or the sea gulls would have had a field day.Off to the farm tomorrow - so no doubt I'll fall in a cow pat or get eaten by a goat.

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