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Been A While!

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It certainly has been a while since I wrote in here. The last year has been a very busy one for me and it's meant I haven't spent anywhere near as much time on here as I used to.

Work-wise I have now become as highly qualified as it is possible for an Operational Coastguard to be, having gone down to the Coastguard School in May and passed my Search And Rescue Mission Co-Ordinator certification (SMC). This is a very intense 10 day course and given that we are responsible for the safety of life it's right that it is. It now means that I am qualified to assume command and control of Search And Rescue (SAR) missions anywhere in UK waters. For a Coastguard it is a major achievement and involves an enormous amount of hard work and study so I think I can allow myself a small measure of pride in my achievement.

Weather-wise I have been very busy getting my website and associated Facebook page up and running (you can find the links in my sig or on my profile). They have exceeded all my initial expectations. I set them up really as a hobby and didn't expect so many people to be interested but the website attracts thousands of visits per month and the Facebook page now has almost 900 likes! It seems to have become an important community resource. Along the way I have learned an enormous amount to the extent that I now do my own weather forecasts which people have now come to appreciate and indeed rely on.

Now that things have generally settled down I'm hoping to spend a bit more time on NW so hopefully see you around in the near future :)


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Hiya Bob. Hope you're keeping well.

Congratulations on your achievement. I hope you never have to put it all into practice. Odds are that you probably will at some point.

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you've certainly been a busy boy - congrats again on the SMC hope you don't get too many chances to command SAR's but I'm sure when you do you will do a marvellous job :-)

Is it snowing up there yet ?

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