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2nd August Through The Ages

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Severe Blizzard


A very thundery and wet week ended with a spectacular deluge in S.E. and central southern England at the weekend of Saturday 2nd and early Sunday 3rd August. Although the action had been in the S.W. a few days earlier (Plymouth area and much of southern Cornwall had received 100 mm+ rain on the 28th July), it was now the turn of areas to the west of London to have some excitement (none of this 2012 'Guildford missing out' nonsense in 1969!). Thundery rain early on the 2nd yielded 15.5 mm at Guildford. The main activity was on the Saturday evening and early into Sunday 3rd. Thunderstorms dumped over 100 mm on Hook, Surrey late on the Saturday afternoon. This development brought thundery rain to Guildford around 6 pm before dying out. Meanwhile, a slow moving cold front made erratic eastward progress with heavy pulses of rain slowly moving north along its axis. Torrential rain lasted through into the Sunday morning. There are no notes in the records about thunder in the late evening of the 2nd, just heavy rain. Amounts included;
Fleet: 52.0 mm.
Guildford: 62.5 mm. Another site in Guildford recorded 55.0 mm as well as the 15.5 mm with a total of 70.5 mm in just over 24 hours.
Reading: 28.0 mm
Kew, London: 55.0 mm.

Sudden torrential rain and thunder around 6 pm at Fleet. 12 mm rainfall.

A cool and unstable N.W.ly covered the U.K. There were heavy thundery showers with hail in the S.E. I was on holiday in Cornwall and missed the event at Fleet, Hampshire. There was considerable hail, possibly 'large' (10 mm diameter) in a second torrential thundery shower around 3 pm. 12.5 mm rainfall. I once heard about walnut sized hail smashing greenhouses in the Alice Holt Forest area on this day.

The heat builds with maxima well over 30 deg.C. Par Beach in Cornwall, was almost too hot to walk on. When the tide came in the large expanse of sand (0.5 mile square) which had been heated by the intense sun resulted in some lovely warm water for swimming in.
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