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Rising Pressure

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So pressure has finally risen, in weather terms this means more sunshine and hot days (in summer) in Winter high pressure usually brings cold, crisp days with mist and fg and sometimes cloud (also known as cyclonic gloom)

Sadly, for myself and quite a few other year 12's and year 13's pressure is rising to results day. With university tuition fees rising it is a minefield for students, who after coming out of univeristy could have a £40,000 debt to be paid off within their life time.

I am extremely nervous about my results, mainly because of the thought of not getting into year 13 and also because I don't want to be resitting when I have a UCAS form to fill out (which will require rather a lot of my time)

So there we are I am getting my fingers crossed for hopefully some average or good results...

Wish me luck

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