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Weather Guide Monday 28th May To Sunday 3rd June (west Wales/ Central Midlands)

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[b]Headline: Warm with some showers to mid week, then mostly dry but cooler[/b]

Some welcome dry, very warm and sunny weather in recent days. We all had a completely dry week just gone, the first one since March. West Wales was hot on Friday and again Saturday, reaching 28c in a few places, including Llanwnnen, and just missing out on breaking the all time May heat record of 29c for the Principality.

Cooling off this week but probably still not much in the way of rain, just hit and miss showers.

From Monday through to Wednesday this week we gradually lose the heat although it will still be warm for the end of May. We are in a slack pressure zone between low and high pressures. This suggests plenty of dry and warm weather with sunny spells. However, the pressure is low enough coupled with the day time warmth of the sun for scattered showers to develop on each of these days. These will though be hit and miss affairs, with a fair few places getting completely dry days, then perhaps a few sharp showers on another of the days between Monday and Wednesday, along with the outside chance of a thunderstorm. Maximum temperatures lower than during the present spell but still managing 21 to 25c.
[attachment=134621:brack0a slack col warm poss showers mon.gif] [attachment=134622:Rtavn602 slack warm few showers tue.png] [attachment=134623:brack2 slack warm some showers wed.gif] [attachment=134624:Recm722 slack warm some showers wed.gif]

Things change from Thursday with high pressure building from the north-west, and a cool north to north-east air stream coming down across the UK about this high. This air is in fact of Arctic origin, but much moderated as it travels south to Britain. A few early showers still possible on Thursday especially for the Midlands, but then it brightens up but is much cooler and fresher than of late, temperatures only reaching 16 to 18c. This set up remains for Friday and probably next weekend also, so generally dry and bright but a cool north-east breeze. Sunniest for west Wales, where it will feel pleasant enough, but areas of cloud more likely to come off the North Sea affecting the Midlands at times, so perhaps feeling a bit chilly here. Some showers could also come into the Midlands next Saturday but that's a long way off. Maximum temperatures for the end of the week near average at 17 to 20c. With skies clearing and the cool air mass, a ground frost cannot be ruled out for the nights at the end of the week, even though we are into June!
[attachment=134625:brack4 cooler ne about NW H thu.gif] [attachment=134626:Rtavn1082 cooling off northerly thu.png] [attachment=134627:Recm1202 cooler ne dry fri.gif] [attachment=134628:Rtavn13817 this cool really fri.png] [attachment=134629:Rukm1441 coll ne flow dry sat.gif] [attachment=134631:Rtavn1621 coolish showers sat.png] [attachment=134632:Recm1682 coolish dry weekend.gif]
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