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Strange People...

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Why do I attract such strange people? (actually - no - don't answer that!)I went round my mum and dads straight from work yesterday, which involves me having to get a bus from the train station. Anyway, I got on the bus, and some bloke sits next to me with a large bag, he then rests his arm and hand on my thigh and covers this action with his bag!Now, being a girl who doesn't like to make a fuss, I sat, rather shocked on the bus wondering what I could do without making a scene! I just sat there trying not to move, but when he started to move his hand on my thigh, rang the bell and got off! Even when I did that, he didnt move for me to get off so I had to squeeze past him. Urggg - makes me sick just thinking about it!

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That's awful hun!

Next time make a bloody fuss!

Shout at him, call him a filthy pervert, embarrass the hell out of him.

He's relying on the fact that you won't do anything.

Poor you *BIG HUG*

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Agree with Flagole - shout at him - something along the lines of 'GET YOUR HANDS OFF ME YOU FILTHY PERVERT!' should do the trick - but make sure you say it loud enough for everyone to hear! (if you think you can't do it - imagine this man doing the same to Mini Raven - that should get your blood boiling enough to stand up to the creep)

Poor you ((((hugs))))

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Ewww.......Yuk :blink:

A girl I know once got flashed at and she just pointed at him and laughed. The guy looked really disappointed :lol:

You did the right thing to get up and leave though :unsure:

Poor you :(

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Oh hun, that is just horrible.

Try to put it out of your mind now... but if anything like that ever happens again... remember all the good advice above and follow it!

Have a hug. :)

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thanks peeps. :)

I did think about making a fuss, (as I remember my old English teacher telling us to do so if anything like that happened) but I just couldn't actually bring myself to say anything out loud. My biggest fear was he would get off the bus when I did and follow me (baring in mind I got off a good 10 mins walk to my mums) but thankfully he stayed on the bus!!

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I was walking back from town one hot day and this guy was walking towards me and a friend. He was really tasty looking, no shirt on...hummmmm :)

We got close and of course I was paying attention. As we got along side him I noticed he had a ring binder type file in his hand in front of him (strange :unsure: )

As we walked past he lifted the file and.....well :blink: I didn't really see but I got the general idea of what he was doing.

Why :unsure: , he was a really good looking fella :rolleyes:

My thoughts afterward were that I should have said something but in the circumstances couldn't :unsure:

Put the whole thing behind you and be strong in the way you might deal with it if you were ever unlucky enough to experience it again (I hope not)

Interesting idea if you are ever followed - turn around and walk towards the person, it throws them, as they think they have the power and no longer have it ;)

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The dirty stained glass windower. That's abosultely disgusting anyone would do such a thing.

Hope you're feeling ok SR.

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