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Stormchase 2012 - Day 7

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blog-0639401001337262362.jpgDay 7 began in Amarillo.
Initially we'd planned to drive into eastern Oklahoma, however looking at the model forecasts for Fri/Sat we decided to head North into Colorado and await developments for Western Kansas.

The drive took us through the final portion of the Texas Panhandle into a narrow strip of the Oklahoma panhandle. The land is so flat here, a playground for Tornadoes; all the towns we passed have the warning sirens in place. Railroads are key to local transportation and we saw some huge freight trains, some with 120+ carriages and well over a mile long.

[attachment=134287:P1010179.JPG] [attachment=134289:P1010187.JPG]

This is grain country. Huge silos are dotted around the landscape to hold the massive amounts of grain produced across the american mid-west. These indestructible buildings have come off unscathed after some of the most violent EF5 tornadoes of recent years.


The road took us further North. In 90 degree heat we crossed into the South East corner of Colorado.
We stopped at the State Line for a photo opportunity. A lizard and green snake slithered off the road into the long grass, a reminder to watch where you put your feet out here!

[attachment=134293:P1010197.JPG] [attachment=134291:P1010185.JPG]

Driving North West we could begin to see signs of convection over the Rocky Mountains to our West. This was clear on the Barons Radar, however today these storms would remain firmly attached to their mountain home.

As we approached our stop for the day in Limon Colorado, the remains of the storms were dissipating over Denver.

[attachment=134290:P1010241.JPG] [attachment=134292:P1010256.JPG]

With the Storm Prediction Centre improving risk, fingers are now well and truly crossed for the next few days. Those of you on the next few tours should now be getting excited with the chance of a major outbreak forecast! Keep a close eye on the SPC forecast as this develops.

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