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Stormchase 2012 - Day 2

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Day 2 began in Corpus Christi on the Gulf coast. After a night of severe storms alleged to be the worst in 20 years causing significant damage in and around Corpus Christi; Friday morning started dry and hot with temps climbing into the mid 90s.

On what initially looked to be a pretty dead day, a drive to the beach had to be done followed by a quick dip in the gulf all streamed live to whet the appetites of our growing audience of hundreds.


Our planned drive North and West was diverted by some huge convection to the West of Houston. By the time we reached it tops were reaching 40000ft. Convection was visibly explosive, something I've never witnessed before.



We positioned in the rain free zone at the enterence to a small farm attracting the attention of a pack of cute dogs! From here we watched the base and sure enough we had rotation. The base dropped to form a slowly rotating wall cloud over a stunning corn field foreground with the setting sun behind.


Driving back west we were treated to a great sunset and decaying cell over San Antonio visible from 90 miles away!

Day 2... Success!

Overnight in Kerrville then off to New Mexico in the morning and a new timezone (BST -7hrs).

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