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My Weather Diary Of Spring 2012: My Blog

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A Winter's Tale


Any notable or interesting or nice event will be covered. Be it an upcoming Heatwave, Snowfall, Storm, Last Frost or first 20C will be covered here from March 2012 onwards.

[center][b]MARCH DISCUSSION[/b][/center]

23rd March:

March started typically spring like with some sun, some rain, some snow and frost before a long cloudy period followed. The past few days have been warmer and sunnier as yesterday we had 15C and sun here in Glasgow with hazy sunshine and the first UK 20c of 2012 was reached in England. The next few days look warm in deed (not too disimular to April 2011) but currently it's cloudy and it was a cold moring with temperatures down towards -4C in Aboyne. I'm certainly looking forward to some nice weather - a quiet, yet interesting and benign at times March with some nice sunny weather too.

25th March:

Hot. Hot. Hot. Warmest UK temperature yesterday saw 22C in England. A nice hazy, but sunny and warm weekend and today up here in Scotland it's the warmest day of the year so far at 3pm, 3 sites have seen the first 20C of the year in Scotland and Aboyne is just 0.8C away from the all time warm March temperature in Scotland. Here in Glasgow it's sunny and warm but how warm and how long will it last? More updates soon.

26th March:

Yesterday, Fyvie Castle saw the record warmest Scotland March temperature with 22.8C. Today was even hotter, here it was 20C and lovely and summer like with bees, butterflies and daffodills - it's a mix of summer and spring - and in Aboyne the new record was 22.9C. Quite a fantastic period of weather that brings back memories of April 2011, hopefully next month and the following months will see similar record breaking spells for Scotland too. March, not a cold month despite one snow event and some frost, a dull period, a nice Spring like start and an incredible warm end - not a bad month. It will have to go in my up and coming review blog.

29th March:

On the 27th, the record went again after Cromdale got the record of 23.2C on the 26th, Aboyne maxed at 23.8C - a third of 20C temperatures across the country. No rain, not muggy or sweltering, just perfect - it felt like summer at it's best but still with that Spring element. Today and yesterday were cooler but still very warm for the time of year at 18C. The next few days will see a return to normality but this spell was exceptional and we will see more of this from now until October - although I'd like to the rest of Spring to see a variety of things but mainly sunny.

31st March:

Well yesterday was another lovely day, and even today was nice despite being a bit cloudier and cooler but nonetheless still blue skies to be seen. But.....next week we see a return to winter with the potential for snow, return to frost. High pressure moves further west allowing northerlies so it would be interesting to see how it pans out - my snow diary may not be finished yet. Snow is my preference for winter and heat is my preference for summer but in Spring both are equal and I enjoy both aswell the different types inbetween. Let's see how it pans out but April is proving to be interesting. March, on the other hand was a very interesting month, despite a dull period in the middle with cloud, the start had a snow event and some nice Spring days and the ending was Spectacular. I'll review March soon - a very interesting month, and April could well be an interesting one too - let's hope we get cold, snow, sunshine, heat aswell as Spring-like conditions. Best to enjoy Spring as it's a great time of year!

[center][b][u]APRIL DISCUSSION[/u][/b][/center]

1st April:

Snow!Snow!Snow! The met office snow warnings return and 2-5cm could be falling here. Just to have snowfall in April is great and to have our first since 2008 after such a great warm spell would be marvelous and to have my first ever lying snow event in April would be amazing! So lot's to look out for but this shows how Spring is great - you get the best of both world's in such a short space of time and your typical Spring weather is often great. Let's see how this turns out - expect more updates, plus an update on the March review. 2012 is turning out to be interesting- how will the rest of it pan out? In other news, today saw the last day of the great settled spell, a bit cloudier and cooler but still that nice blue sky so a more typical, normal spring like day that you get when it's not snowing or heatwaves!

2nd April:

The first UK April snow event since 2008 has begun in places in the highlands where it's very cool and wet and in some places snow is starting to lie - an amber warning has been put in place. Snow events in Spring and Autumn are always special - even a widespread wet snow event becomes equally as special as your snow events with lying snow in winter. So, a notable event is happening and for some further east it could be the best snow event all winter! Here in Glasgow I might see my first April snowfall since 2008 so I'll be happy with that - though it would be close - but I'd love it if we could get lying snow - further east this could be possible and there seems to be some excitement about tonights event. Tomorrow should be cold and feel really like winter - colder than anything last April. So a real feel of the winter side of Spring after the summer side. More cold spells could follow so model watching would be interesting although I'd hope for increasingly more warm days, some sunshine plus the Spring mix.

3rd April:

Snow started to fall last night. The Highlands and east have been very badly hit with up to 25cm of snow in places and widespread lying snow. Here in Glasgow I've had my first April snowfall since 2008 and it's later end to the snow season than last winter. Unfortuantly I couldn't get something that we haven't had since December which is a proper snow event with accumilations but never mind, snow in April will do me fine and the scenes in other parts of the country are brilliant. Could this event end up in the major events of 2012 blog, I think it should. But I do hope that this month has some good and interesting weather and same goes for the rest of the year. What it seems like now is April could be a cool month with northern blocking so some more wintryness could be possible at times - interesting to see what happens and what follows.

10th April:

A few snow showers from an easterly on the 3rd, snow in England the following day and cool unsettled April weather following. Today has seen snow further east but I'm unsure about here. Dull today but things could turn colder as we go on.

13th April:

A nice day yesterday with spring sunshine and April showers - great Spring weather. Today, a pretty sunny day with some nice thin clouds - a nice period of Spring weather indeed. Some snow in the NE of Scotland and could be a few frosty nights ahead. Not a bad Spring for weather so far, hoping for a few more cooler periods and more warmer and sunnier periods although a stormy day or two is ahead next week. Looking at the record at Glasgow Airport, this April has been snowier than March and November (1 snow event) with 11 from October to May - one of the highest in the past 13 years!

21st April:

Some days with Hail, interesting clouds and skies, cool but all pleasant and typically Spring-like. Very nice season it's been and today we've had blue skies and hail.

27th April:

Not a bad April, could be sunnier, could be snowier and could be warmer but still pretty good. Sunshine and showers keeps things interesting and seasonal in my opinion aswell as being settled.

29th April:

Another sunny day here. But it's now getting cloudy after drought-hit England have been hit by a monster front from the east! It's brought floods, temps of 6C, sleet and winds! The wettest April on record after the warmest March and last year having the warmest April! Thank-god it's been decent up here and I hope that mainly sunny, seasonal, progressively warmer but varied and at times extreme weather prevails into May and beyond.

[center][b][u]MAY DISCUSSION[/u][/b][/center]

3rd May:

Today has been absolutely fantastic with 18C temperatures, blue skies, sunshine. This what the weather should be like on most days between Mid April and Mid September with a bit of variety and extremes inbetween. April was a decent enough month here but far from perfect. The weather for May so far has been seasonal and typical of the month. But we are in for a notherly which could bring snow to some areas. If I get some snow I'll be over the moon (even if the Campsies get some) and I'll be delighted if Shetland got something. As I say, decent seasonal weather and some variety and extremes is pleasing. Perhaps a few frosts could be possible. If we get more sunshine, a few record breakers, some varied days and temps would just be fantastic and an element of May wintryness would be great.

4th May:

Yesterday was great for warm May weather, but today was another characteristic of May weather in the UK. A cool northerly brought snow to Northern parts for the first time in May since 2010 which is significant. The sun made things feel pleasant and skies were clear. This evening there was a great cool looking but clear sky....another pleasing aspect of May weather. Could be in for a frost. 2C currently at 11pm. More updates to come!

5th May:

-3C and a frost this morning but at 11am we had a snow shower! My second May snowfall which is very significant. Of course at this time of year I'll be looking forward to sunshine and warmth but wintry weather is an aspect of Spring weather in the UK and to get your last snowfalls and frosts is great. The winter 11/12 started late, a good December, a poor January and February and March for snow and a decent April and May for late season snow. The snow season ended a lot later than the classic 10/11 winter. Anyway, snow events at anytime of year is special but a snowflake in May is more significant than one flake in February so I'm delighted to get another bite at a late season snowfall aswell as other parts enjoying a late season snowfall too. Snowfalls and cold spells values is greater the earlier or later you are in a season whereas in winter, a more widespread, prolonged and significant event is value. More updates to come...

6th May:

Not quite as cold as the previous night but close to freezing which is still quite notable for May, but certainly not unusual. A think we may have had a wintry shower so that looks like the last hoorah of an unusual season for wintry weather. But as this is not winter, any frost or snowfall is more significant is more significant now whereas an event of the same importance in winter would require something even more special than a snowflake or 0C. But as this is Spring, you'll be looking for a mixture of weather but mostly seasonal, pleasant, interesting, record breaking at times and getting warmer as you head towards summer. Today has seen things brighten up and get warmer with the sun's strength and there is some nice blue periods inbetween showers aswell as some nice fluffy clouds. An interesting year then let's see how the rest of the weather goes for the coming months.

11th May:

The 8th (my birthday) was a typical May day with humid, thundery showers in the morning before clearing up in the afternoon and evening. Yesterday, and the day before was horrid with cold temperatures of 6C, heavy rain and wind. You'd expect to have a day like this 3 times in each month and the same goes for the cold spell earlier this month but I'd expect to see things getting a bit sunnier and warmer. But there will be more good days and bad days to come and perhaps this could mean a good summer. It's also been snowing on the hills and lower ground in the highlands.......AGAIN!

22nd May:

It's been a mostly cool and wet month up til now. High pressure is in place and looks like we are going to get a good run of warm, sunny days to end an unusual but interesting but at time unpleasant May. Here comes the summer.....at last!

24th May:

Brilliant. Brilliant. Brilliant. Summer is here. Yesterday saw much of the UK experiencing temperatures into the 20Cs and Scotland was very warm with 27.3C at Altnaharra. 26C here in Glasgow and sunny too. I went for a walk in the evening heat whilst convection brought storms further east over Falkirk. The nights and mornings are cool but the temperature quickly rises, I played tennis this morning which was fab. Now, it's 27.1C in Glasgow which is currently the warmest temperature in the UK! Cool in side though. However, clouds are increasing so storms could be possible. The heat is set to continue and I hope to make the most of it. Expect more updates and probably expect this event to end up in the Best Moments Blog.

29th May:

The warmest, sunniest spell here in Glasgow since 2006 probably. 4 days of 25C temperatures, a record warm May temp for me, 6 days of 20C+ temps, sunshine, UK records, it was a fantastic spell. On the 25th, I spent 5 hrs enjoying the weather in the garden, then had a BBQ the following day, spent the next two days at Lochgoilhead. I'll review the Spring and this spell in detail soon. I'm also planning in creating a page about the weather in Glasgow since I can remember so that we can look back at averages and notable events and see how recent weather compares. I'll review the Spring soon before I open the summer blog.
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