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Bbc Feature On Retail Weather Today

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For those of you who may not have seen it, Netweather was featured on BBC Breakfast this morning within their feature on how weather affects retailers.


You can watch it here:

As well as the website and forum, Netweather also have a commercial arm to the business and one portion of that is our service for retailers. As described in the BBC feature the weather plays a huge role in everyone's buying habits, not just the simple connections like hot weather = more ice cream sales, but right down to small changes in temperature making for large swings in demand for certain products.

You may think that wet weather can spell bad news for many retailers, but whilst this is true for many there are in fact some stores and product types which do much better when the weather is miserable (and not just umbrella and water proof sellers!), plus of course with online shopping now playing a major part for many retailers there's a relationship between demand through a website to demand through a store which again will be weather affected.

It's not just demand for products either, staffing levels can be set based on the weather - a wet day is likely to mean an outdoor tourist attraction is quiet, so rostering staff accordingly can save a business a fortune across a year. Service is also important when it comes to keeping customers, and having enough staff available to deal with demand will keep customers coming back, so knowing when those peaks may be caused by the weather can be vital in creating goodwill and return customers.

Many billions of pounds of retail sales every year are considered to be weather sensitive, so having the information and forecasts to be able to understand how demand will fluctuate is a very important tool and one which the major retailers are all taking advantage of these days. Unfortunately though, the smaller retailer often finds that the cost outweighs the benefit and that's where Netweather's retail products come into their own as we have a number of options tailored for the smaller retailer and priced with them in mind.

Weather is a powerful beast in the retail world!

[b]You can find more info on our retail solutions here:[/b]

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