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Annus Horribilis?

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Azores Hi


Some years pass you by and don’t seem at all memorable, other years ‘things happen’ monumental things! Sometimes these events are personal and other times it’s more widespread.
Take last year for instance, pretty benign by most standards for me, did job, came home, annual holiday, blah blah blah.
Don’t get me wrong, there were memorable events, but all in all it all past quite benignly. No one died, Although we had/have financial stress we coped. Nothing really upset the applecart.
This year I have a feeling that things could be different,
My wife and I are expecting a baby, possibly the biggest life changing event for any couple. At work, things are ‘afoot’ with our company being absorbed more completely into our parent company. This is called integration apparently. I call it downsizing and cost cutting.
The financial stress of last year is starting to wear and we face the real possibility of severe hardship if certain key things (which are quite likely) happen. I look to my friends and a lot of them seem to be on the cusp of big changes in their lives too. Job losses, or threats thereof, babies on the way, life saving operations, relationship woes, emigration possibilities, weddings, funerals. It’s all on the cards this year.
Further afield there are political issues, regime changes, economic instability, climate woes. It seems we live in interesting times! I don’t hold much faith in horoscopes but if I had bothered to read mine for this year on New Years Day, if it didn’t say ‘Hold on to your Hat!’ then I’d be disappointed.
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Better to have an annus horribilus than a horrible. No, you know what, I'll stop right there.

It is amazing how much the world changes when you realise you are responsible for the well being of a brand new little person. (Or perhaps the world doesn't really change - but our perception of it does.)

I hope all will be well for you and yours and I wish you many, many annus mirabilis-es.

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