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Winter 2010 21St December -

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December stats
2010 {so far} -1.75c
2009= +2.75c
2008= +3.75c
2007= +4.75c
2006= +5.25c
2005= + 2.25c
2004= + 4.75c
2003= + 3.25c
2002= +5.25c
2001= + 4.75c
2000= + 3.0c
As you can see with the stats above, December 2010 is looking like a sub zero average!, also coldest December in the last 10 years,
[b]Tuesday 21st December[/b]= Temperature down to -7.2c Snow Lying on ground/FULL MOON/LUNAR ECLIPSE/URSIDS METEOR SHOWER. MAX TEMP=-0.7c/MIN TEMP=-7.2c
[b]Wednesday 22nd December[/b]=Temperature down too -3.1c between 0500hrs and 0528hrs, temp now reading -1.9c at 1010hrs, Light snow showers during the morning! Temperature rose to +1.17c 1330hrs, Snow arrived, {quite heavy}
[b]THURSDAY 23RD DECEMBER[/b] More snow fell overnight, approx 2 inches, snowing again at 1007hrs Not as cold as it has been though, Measured sonw, to 6cms which is around 2.5inches,
[b]Friday 24th December[/b]= Currently reading -0.2c at 1248hrs, did drop to [email protected] 0839hrs. Sun is beating down, Blue sky, No wind. Sun feels warm but dont be fooled, its still quite cold outside
[b]Saturday 25th December {xmas day}[/b]Temperature @1256hrs reading +2.1c did drop down to -4.3c at 0628hrs, overcasr during the afternoon
[b]Sunday 26th December {Boxing Day}[/b]Max temp toady reached [email protected], Min Temp today -2.50c at 0852hrs. Overcast for most of the day, Also very Icy this morning, especially on the roads, feels alot colder than the temperature suggests

{b}Monday 27th December{b}Slightly warmer this morning , Temperature curretnly reading -0.2c did drop down to
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