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Still Cold

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Thunder Snow


Hi guys,

Here is my latest look at the UK cold spell at the moment, snow showers will be effecting most Eastern areas of the UK. These could merge at times to bring a longer period of snow. Then as we head towards mid morning the snow showers will begin to move there way West to effect most areas, again these will be heavy at times.

There is currently a band of snow sitting across Eastern and Central areas of England, and this will contiue to effected these areas for awhile yet, the snow it then likely to move into North-West England. Other areas will remain dry, but i would not rule out a snow showers just about anywhere.

As we move towards tonight, snow showers widespread and heavy at time will continue for awhile before retreating to the Eastern Coast.

Tomorrow it's more of the same snow showers heavy at times, however there maybe a alittle rest bite on friday before the mild v cold for the weekend,

[color="#FF0000"]Weather Warnings:

UK: Where snow has fallen ice will be a problem just about anywhere across the UK.

Eastern England/Northern England/North West England/Scotland

Heavy snow showers or longer spells of snow will effected the above areas at times throughout today, tonight and tomorrow. Amounts of 2-10cm and more over higher routes.[/color]
Please be aware and stay tuned to the forecast
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