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November 27Th, First Snow Of 2010/11 Winter Season For Some?

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We've been patient and waited and waited for anything to trickle off from the north east. The winds have not been kind to us. Everything blowing straight into the Pennines. Any remaining showery activity has usually dissipated by the time it decides to head further south west towards us in Cheshire. But that's what we get when everything is coming straight from the North East. Those showers which have been heavy and very potent up north have delivered some very impressive amounts!

As mentioned in my other blog post...it will be interesting to see what happens come Friday / Saturday, because I believed back when I made the post, we had a very decent chance of catching some very heavy snow particularly Saturday.

This heavy snow is being blown further inland, and its becoming more organized with heavier bands filtering through. It's not just restricted to the far North East, heavier snow is now blowing in from places like Hull. Seems that any thing we get from over that place, we always end up with over here. Anything further north and we usually miss it.. The snow from Humberside has far less distance to travel to us than say places like Durham, where the snow has chance to dissipate over the Pennines or just this side.

Today, Saturday is looking very interesting for some very heavy snowy periods..particularly from mid morning (9am) onwards. Snow will arrive into our region about this time, and because of the amount and direction of that snow, id say we have a good 90% chance of catching some impressive falls, under those heavy streamer type bands as they move across the region. There is also the possibility of the snow become heavier from the east as the day wears on.

Not all places are going to catch these heavy snow shower / or prolonged periods of snow. These bands of snow are very narrow, perhaps in places just under a mile while others 3 or 4 miles across...pretty much those under these bands could have some impressive snow totals by the time the snow stop, yet for others they may get nothing but another cold day ahead.

The coming first winter storm of the season next Tuesday?

It's an interesting setup...it really is. We can and do get snow from the south and south east due to lack of anything to stop it. Tuesday even if the low doesn't quite make as far north as the south of England, is still going to be produce severe heavy winds..the risk of heavy snow even in the west could be significant. I use the word could because right now no one has any real idea of whether this low will even reach us at the moment...the models shows it does, some don't...I think until Sunday it would be premature to put an0y forecast on to it with absolute certainty.

If it does, then expect heavy winds (70mph+) from the east...which means its going to be blizzard like..and pretty much nailed on very heavy snow...due to both the direction of the winds, how cold it is and the fact the precipitation will be off snow as it hits very cold land.

More on Monday
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