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Winter's Golden Star

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Thunder Snow


Hello guys and welcome to my weather forecast for the next couple of days, i must stress there is currently alot of uncertainty about the weather that is going to effect the UK over the next few days, you could see rain, sleet or snow over the next week or so and possibly longer.

However i shall do my best to give you as much details as i can.

[color=red][i][b]Weather Warning:

Areas Effected: Northern and Eastern Scotland/North-East England/Eastern England South-East later.

Areas mention above are likely to see rain/sleet (mostly around the coast with snow alittle further inland over the next few days and beyond. Falls of 1-2cm are likely over lower ground (maybe more) with as much as 10-15cm over higher routes. Winds will be strong at times, this will lead to blizzard like conditions at times especially over the hills.

Where showers have fallen ice will be a factor.[/b][/i][/color]

[color="#FF8C00"][color=yellow][b][i]Weather Watch:

Scotland/Northern England/Central England/South East

Weather: Rain/sleet and snow

A band of rain sleet and snow could effect most areas of the UK on Friday giving further dusting/covering of snow at times, however details still remain sketchy at the moment.

Weather: Sleet/snow and Ice[/i][/b][/color][/color][u][b]
Winter's Golden Start:[/b][/u]

Over the last few days we have seen cold air move in from the North-North East, and through-out today showers have been turning more wintry as the day has gone on. rain/sleet and snow will effect areas of Eastern Scotland/North East England and South East England snow heavy at time will give around 1-2cm of snow to lower levels (maybe alittle more) with as much as 10cm over the hill. Band of showers will run down the Eastern side of the country and may make it to the pennines, now further west it will be clear and cold with a frost. However i would not rule out the possibility of the odd showers making it this far.

As we move towards Thursday its more of the same more rain/sleet and snow showers effecting Northern and Eastern areas, these again giving a covering in places. Winds may turn strong at times giving blizzard like condition over the hills. However some showers may make it into Western Scotland and Northern Ireland at times, these may well me wintry at times. However for Western areas it will be mostly dry/cold and sunny, again i would not rule out the odd showers for these parts. For the far South-West some rain showers may effect this part of the UK at time through-out the day. As we move towards Thursday evening rain/sleet and snow showers will still effect Northern and Eastern areas of the UK, and where showers have fallen ice will be a factor.

For Friday it looks quite messy at the moment, and quite a tricky one to forecast. However a band of sleet and snow could move down from the North to give alittle more widespread snowfall, however there is alot of uncertainty about this.

Further ahead and its looking cold with more snow at times.
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