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Mini-roo Hides Again.....

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Well I went for my third scan this morning....and it was great!!!Lovely woman, very reassuring and friendly, went through everything she was doing and was just generally a complete contrast to the old bag I saw last time (who, incidentally was also working today, and I could hear her having a go at someone else about something, horrible old cow that she is.....).Anyways, mini-roo did his/her usual trick of hiding deep down (apparently he loves curling up tight as a ball each time they try to scan him...hmmmmm) so after 15 minutes of trying to get a look, the girl eventually told me to go and have a fast walk.....Sooooo.....after once round the hospital perimeter and running up and down two flights of stairs (with a full bladder!!! :o ) I eventually get back in there, and mini-roo has decided to put on a temporary spurt of movement which allows her to get the measurements she needed.....thank goodness!!! :):):) Mini-Roo is apparently exactly the right size for his dates (up yours! other nasty scanning lady!) and looks to be healthy with all the correct number of fingers, toes and heart valves!!! :D:):);) So, today is a good day....but I'm getting the feeling this child is going to be an awkward little so and so....can't think where he gets that from, eh??? :):)3rd-Ultrasound.jpg

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Glad to see you got some piccies this time :D

I might try to persude the woman who is scanning my kidney in a week or so to have a quick look at MiniLoo (she did last time ;) )

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Aww glad it all went well :)

great pics too - despite being camera shy to start with :)

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