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"at Least It Willl..." - Slap!

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Thundery wintry showers


Well, after plenty of heated discussions on the TV forecasts, notably recent trends at the Beeb, it's become clear to me what the main problem is: forecasters being encouraged to make people "feel good" by "emphasising positives", and to do that, naturally, they have to second-guess what the majority of the population consider to be good and bad weather.

The easiest (though certainly not the best) source of such guesses is the general media, so my feelings that the BBC might be trying to "educate" us to see the weather in a certain way have receded- it's probably more that the media makes it look as if we all make an enemy of the weather.

The equivalent of this, in sports coverage, is the backing of British competitors to make people "feel good" by "emphasising positives"- e.g. ITV F1's strong bias towards Lewis Hamilton in 2007/08. The equivalent of "it will be dull and drizzly but at least it will be mild", in F1 terms, could be "it will probably be a dull processional F1 race but at least Lewis Hamilton has the best chance of anyone on the grid"... so in a nutshell it is definitely a part of the dumbing down process.
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